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  1. Re: Best areas to buy with crowns (2020)?

    I don't think it's necessary to buy any of Mirage really. People still farm the Ghultures for seeds and if people are still doing it to this day, maybe it works for them but every time I've tried...
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    Re: Got Anime?

    Ancient Magus Bride is sweet, it's more of a storytelling type of anime that sets a clear world rather than one that's action packed with lots of fight scenes. It's all about how to trust things that...
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    Re: Got Anime?

    Pegasus Unbound Watch Ancient Magus Bride :ohmy:
  4. Re: What's your 1op 10 anime you've watched?

    *Ahem" *Reaches the Mircophone*

    1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    2. Steins;Gate

    3. One Piece (for World Building, Idk if I like the Anime for the exception of Seabody Archipelago and...
  5. Re: Best areas to buy with crowns (2020)?

    Here's everything in order lol

    Gardening and Pet Training is definitely a good idea. Housing Gauntlets don't really have dropped energy gear that I know of but Boxes should be returning...
  6. Post a quote on W101 Players would understand!

    I'll start with one, share one too :laugh: Let's see how many we can think of!!

    "There's no worse feeling of rejection than a fish passing by and not taking your bait."
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    Re: August is National Dog Month

    The dog I just gave a chicken tender to appreciates this Thread :001_tongue:
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    Re: terrorstatues2021 KI Live Code!

    I just redeemed one so they're probably still available right now!! If anybody cares about doing the Terror Gauntlet with me, tell me. I'll open use it once I have 3 other people :44:
  9. Fishing-specific Gear/Gardening-specific Gear

    Ok ok hear me out...

    There should be Gardening Gear purchasable from the Gardener Npcs scattered around the spiral and there should be different tiers (with increasing benefits specifically for...
  10. Re: Zero Energy Fishing, thru 8/1, Member Benefit

    To do the fishing quests or not to do the fishing quests on my other wizards. Honestly I haven't done much with fishing on every char but Dylan because Dylan is the only wiz I have with fishing gear.
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    Guilds, how do you picture it?

    The update of Adventure Groups for me has been probably the least of my favorite updates so far. not that it's a bad update but rather a little half-baked towards unnecessary. It's just a little more...
  12. Finding Kitties in Fire Cat Alley!!

    There are a couple new quests in Fire Cat Alley!! For those that have done the quests, what are your thoughts? Did you thoroughly enjoyed these few new quests for low-leveled wizards? Do you think...
  13. Are you impressed with the Lemuria Prelude so far?

    The Spring and Summer updates of this game have seen two lines of quests hinting on the location and theme of the next world, Lemuria. For those that have done these quest lines (on wizards that have...
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    Re: What anime do you watch?

    Watch Ancient Magus Bride :yes:
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    Re: Spellements for new spells?

    Spellements is not Kingsisle's specialty. I wouldn't worry at all about anything regarding spellements as they're not worth the effort in trying to max out in this current meta because the...
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    Re: Thank you, KI support.

    My condolences, please do cherish the memories you have with him :^^:
  17. [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Fire Damage Scratchy Frillasaur

    Jesse Strong has one, maybe he can lend :001_cool:
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    Re: Code Wands

    I still remember when the Fog Staff was regarded as one of the most rare wands ever. Now bring back the valor blade lol
  19. Re: New Item:Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack

    Are the stats of the gear anything to pay attention too?
  20. Re: I feel Pet Derby should be free to all

    You had me by the title......... YESSSSSS!!!!!!
  21. Re: New Item:Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack

    Wonder why this pack wasn't in test......
  22. Anybody interested in making a Central Group?

    Has anybody made one or is interested in making one? I can do it but Idk if any of you all are interested!
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Updates for July 26, 2021

    Keeeeeep it going :thumbup:
  24. Re: Unlimited Crafting & Double Reagents, thru 7/25, Member Benefit

    If anybody is down for some farming for some reagents, I can help!
  25. Re: Really Scored at the Forge Today!

    Looks good. They'll come in handy at some point :wink:
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