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  1. Re: Palooza ------------> "Extravaganza"

    I like these ideas, maybe I can add "Fyre Packival" to that list too :blink:
  2. Re: Palooza ------------> "Extravaganza"

    I'm specifically talking about Paloozas. I know we just had the 50% off online bundles this past weekend too, but no event to the scale of a Palooza has happened in a LONG while. Last year they moved...
  3. Re: Palooza ------------> "Extravaganza"

    Trying to protect our fellow players from these devious and predatory products and services isn't "bashing" people. No one on either side is being "bashed" in any way. All we are trying to do is...
  4. Palooza ------------> "Extravaganza"

    I think it's safe to say that the word Palooza is close to being dead at this point, being replaced with words and phrases like "Best of the Best", and "Extravaganza", whatever those mean.

    This is...
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