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  1. Re: W101 E-mail Notice - Online Cart Purchases Discount

    The last bundle-a-palooza was in March 2020, so it's been over a year since that event too. And before that it was August 2018. I said this in a post at the time, but the word "Palooza" is getting...
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    Re: Spring Update now LIVE

    Ok thanks for clearing that up Eric. I'm fine with that, it actually makes 95% a chance instead of a guarantee.

    Maybe a UI improvement could include showing which mobs the critical failed on when...
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    Re: Spring Update now LIVE

    I'm still noticing Arc 1 mobs and bosses blocking critical hits. Arc 1 mobs and bosses are supposed to have 0% block, yet they still block. Is this an issue for anyone else? I'm dual boxing my max...
  4. Re: Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

    We've fought bosses in the sky, in the sea, and in the caves. If they were to do an expansion, that 2-headed dragon/hydra should take us somewhere "out of this world". Maybe to a central plane where...
  5. Re: How are stats from gear applied when using prism?

    You could think of it like Hydra. Balance damage is applied to that spell even though the hits are fire, ice, and storm. As long as the card you use is trained from your school, that school's damage...
  6. Poll: Re: Which world gives you the most nostalgia?

    Dragonspyre. But it's not just the world, I have to be listening to the born this way album at the same time. Most specifically the songs "The Queen", " Highway Unicorn" and "Fashion of His Love"....
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    Re: Spring Update now LIVE

    Is anyone else having an issue where the original teleport effect only works like 25% of the time? The other 75% just shows my wizards fading in and out.
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    Re: Wizard101 Dank Memes

    K the horse's face literally looks like the horse from Tangled from this angle. Also who needs a mirror when you have clones? :001_tt2:
  9. FLASH CONTEST!! First two wizards to find my wizard in....

    First two wizards to find me in Unicorn Way in realm Helephant will win either 5000 crowns or 1-month membership. The first wizard will have dibs on which prize they want. You have to find Taylor...
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    Re: Spring SPELLing Bee

    The answer key. No participants in this contest, but I will be hosting a flash contest later today (Friday)!

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    Re: Game Update for May 5, 2021

    I wonder what their definition of "slightly" is. I'll check the main forums in a few days and see if people are still having troubles soloing in Arc 2 worlds, since that's where the original...
  12. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    The internet is a strange place. It's more than just US federal laws that KI has to watch out for. If, for example, the European Commission (EU) passed stricter legislation to protect minors online,...
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    Re: KI wants Pet/Mount Bundle Ideas

    "Krokhotep's Krystals"

    - Crystal Unicorn (Perm)
    - Crystal Butterfly
    - All areas in Krokotopia (including zigazag and hollow mountain)
    - 1x all jewel plants, including sugar khrystal

  14. Re: Wizard101Devs: Regarding PvE Crit and Block.

    I checked the tweets in response to this twitter thread, and it's pretty mixed. Some want it reverted, some want a compromise, and some like it now. In an ideal world, I would like a compromise. But...
  15. Re: Known Requests: Name changes, dye support, crowns sales, etc.

    This, or at least a way that I can avoid logging in another account full of tc noobs.
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    Spring SPELLing Bee

    Spring SPELLing Bee

    Welcome all to my Spring contest. Instead of multiple different mini events this year, it will be all centered around this one puzzle. Cast all of the correct spells,...
  17. Re: 40 wooden keys, no mount?!?!?!?!??!?!

    I can attest to that! They drop more often than stone keys and spellements combined.
  18. Re: 40 wooden keys, no mount?!?!?!?!??!?!

    Don't worry, this isn't isolated. I have probably farmed Ra 60+ times over the last few years, and only received one Moonlight Pony. The easiest mount drop from a key boss I think are the wings from...
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    Re: Updated Insane Bolt Spell

    This was one of the spells in my storm's artillery that was never used, and after the change still won't be. The closest my wizards have gotten to insane bolt was in Upper Halls when Akhtang's...
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    Poll: Re: Rate The Spring Update!

    This season's test realm gave me a glimmer of hope, that the newest spell audit would help "re-balance" the game, quicker spell animations would make questing easier, and we could now upgrade some...
  21. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    Wow that's odd. I was in the world tree, aquila gardens, and the commons yesterday and it seemed to be working in those three locations. My accounts are also f2p at the moment, so maybe it's a glitch...
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    Re: Spring Update now LIVE

    It sounds like they also boosted the critical and block of street mobs and bosses in the higher level worlds. I checked the main forums, and a few people said that it's basically IMPOSSIBLE to solo...
  23. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    Okay so I was able to log in, and I saw some friendly players in the commons (the players with happy faces beside their name). Their overhead names were NOT visible until I moused over their...
  24. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    That's neat. For the most part, here in Canada prices like that are non-existent, even during black friday. You can get used ones on third-party sites for cheap like that, but never new. Refurbished...
  25. Re: Spring 2021 Update - Your First Impressions

    I've always come to know Wizard101 as being compatible with many older systems, so it's unfortunate that they decided to switch operating system compatibility. A good chunk of people in the world...
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