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  1. Re: Urgent prayers and well wishes for Lady Cat!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about this! I wish Lady Cat a swift recovery! Hang in there, friend! :shuriken:
  2. [TEST REALM] Re: Updated Orthrus Video (Now an AOE)

    I think they should have used the mauling attack animation instead of just the howling one. I get this is supposed to make the spell faster, but the former works better thematically with the spell...
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    Re: Elemental Token

    I encountered this bug a couple of days back too. I've already sent a ticket to customer support to report it, but I may not be able to get a response from them until at least tomorrow.

  4. Re: How many purchased the game with crowns?

    I've remained a crowns player in all my Wizarding days, so I purchased all the zones in the game so far. Can't really give an exact time frame of how long it took me since I started when I was 15,...
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    Re: Quick Lunari question

    Yes. Any Lunari you earn from the currently running event and obtained from the Scroll of Fortune will carry over to the next Beastmoon Hunt. You will still have access to the recipe vendor and beast...
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    Re: Myth Decklathon Live

    The only change I recognized was that the final prize tier hits at 750 points. :shuriken:
  7. Re: The spiral show case thoughts

    This one felt so uneventful that it's pretty easy to forget it was running. The activities felt like a chore and it eats up my in-game energy too much from the fishing and pet training. Even the...
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    Re: Scroll of Fortune Point Cap?

    I'm still capped for the Scroll of Fortune for this Beastmoon event. Maybe by the next one we'll be able to earn beyond that cap. :shuriken:
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    Re: How Did Your Hunt Go?

    I bought the Beastmoon, Elemental and Spirit seeds and the first robe. I'm stuck between investing in the rest of the seeds and the clothes up to the 3rd one, but managed to rack up enough Lunari for...
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    Scroll of Fortune Point Cap?

    I was hoping to grind through the Beastmoon event to get far into the prize tiers for the Scroll rewards. But after my recent match, I noticed that I stopped progressing in the SoF at 1000 points. I...
  11. Re: Anyone Doing The Beastmoon Hunt?

    Been having a pretty good time with the event. I've learned how to play after a couple of runs and had a nice winning streak for a while. This is by far my favorite event! :shuriken:
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    Re: Now that's just EPIC ;)

    This is certainly a cool find! I have screenshots of the TC being dropped for me during the event. I know one of them dropped from the Spirit of Iceolation, then other dropped from one of the other...
  13. Re: Has Loremaster been nerfed?

    I got the Hephaestus spell dropped for me about a couple of days ago, within 10 or 15 battles I've done that day. The drop rate doesn't seem any different to me. :shuriken:
  14. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Need One Support for upcoming Storm Titan run


    We're still short one player for our team! :shuriken:
  15. [US - HELP WANTED] Need One Support for upcoming Storm Titan run

    Good afternoon!

    I'm doing a Storm Titan run for a couple of friends, but we need a 4th to go in. We're looking for a Death/Life to play support. We encourage you to bring Bad Juju if you can (and...
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    Re: Name this Robe!

    The no-stats version of that outfit is called the Celestial Garment. You can get this specific robe from Eloise in Wizard City. :shuriken:
  17. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: First-time running Storm Titan

    That's 1-2pm MST for me, so that sounds like a good time to start! :) :shuriken:
  18. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: First-time running Storm Titan

    I think Sunday would be a good day to run. What time zone is yours? :shuriken:
  19. [US - HELP WANTED] First-time running Storm Titan

    Finally found a weekend to get this out of my to-do list, so I'm here looking for a team.

    I would like some people to help me do this battle. I've looked up a couple of guides for this boss,...
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    Re: Ghost ?

    I guess it's a misplaced asset, since all the ghosts like it are being used to fly around the Halloween Towers. :shuriken:
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    Re: Favourite Genre of Music?

    I listen to Heavy Metal and epic trailer music. I'll fall into Rock once in a while. :shuriken:
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    Re: Need help w Mirage bundle

    The Dromel Merchant is a daily reward object, just like the Genie in Sultan's Palace and the Sarcophagus in Darkmoor Manor and most other bundle houses. You may only receive a reward once per day so...
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    Re: Bazaar Issues

    I can't see the Bazaar inventory after having just logged on. A couple of others have the issue too. :shuriken:
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    [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Accursed Gauntlet Runs

    I have the gauntlet you can use. I'm still on the launcher atm. If you're still interested, can you wait in Ravenwood next to Blossom on Scarecrow realm? :shuriken:
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    [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Medulla

    Off-topic: As someone who completed their first run with Medulla as a hitter, I kindly disagree.

    I was in a team of 2 Lifes and a Death, with one of them having farmed Medulla as a hobby. I was...
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