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    Re: Father's Day Code: JOBWELLDONE

    Still available! I just redeemed it just now...
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    Re: New "Star Iron" Reagent!

    Rank 15? Geez lol You definitely hit some sort of jackpot. Kingsisle isn't very good at distributing reagent drops very well and I don't expect that to change in the next world...
  3. School Insignia versions of Krokotopian Gear

    For the longest while now, the only school themed gear (by which I mean gear that has the designs for a specific school) has been exclusively on Wizard City gear. So I was thinking, wouldn't it be...
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    Bring back Pet Derby!!!!!!!!!!

    On behalf of @Caspeen, I made this thread. Bring back Pet Derby back to mainstream!!
  5. Re: Throwback Thursday, Old Packs Return! 50% off, One day only.

    So they're making packs cost half as much... but they're not helping players get more crowns in the first place to spend since they refuse to make a crowns sale. Something doesn't sound right there...
  6. What are you bad at in this game?

    (The other side of the "what are you good at in this game" thread lol).

    I'm not good at making pets whatsoever, a lot of it though is straight-up bad luck

    What are you bad at in this game?
  7. What do you think you're good at in this game?

    I'd like to think that one of the reasons I continue playing this game is that I'm good at W101. I'm quite good at making lots of friends and I'm good at helping others with fights.

    What do you...
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    Friendly Player Features!!!

    Has anybody with the friendly player feature ever gotten text chat messages from strangers specifically for asking for help on a boss or quest? Have you ever used this feature in asking others for...
  9. Re: Returning to W101 only to find my account has been permabanned.

    This is the problem with sharing one account with multiple people, people you cannot trust to just be cool and not start suspicious incidents that can endanger the account itself. I'm hoping...
  10. Re: Look at these spells I made 8 years ago!

    Augment sounds like a spell that will release but I feel like it would be better released as a Sun Spell that can enchant a spell with DoT, that changes the spell itself from a 3 turn to a 4 turn....
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    Re: Obsidian Mimmic

    I have one: It's supposed to have maxed out 7% Spell Defy and 14% Spell Proof but it failed at Epic with Pain Giver. I can hatch with you at some point.
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    Re: New Mount:Chromaticat

    Ki really be releasing a mount for the crowns shop once a week (not one of which can be obtained in other *difficult* ways like questlines, crafting, drops, all of them together somehow). Also I'm...
  13. Re: Double Pet XP, Member Benefit, thru 6/15

    Now if I could just get the right pet back from my hatches :mellow:
  14. Do you listen to In-Game Music? What's your favorite?

    Do you listen to In-Game Music? What's your favorite musical piece to listen to in the Spiral?

    I personally only listen to the in game occasionally and I have probably the greatest respect for the...
  15. Re: What do you do while playing the game?

    Prob 70% of the time I'm watching youtube on my phone when I'm farming but a lot of the time, I run out of things to watch/listen. I don't really turn on the game sound because I really need to make...
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    Re: New "Wizard City Wheels" Mount.

    Makes me think about "Mount-specific emotes", which would be pretty good. There's not much incentives to buy a mount after already having a mount you already like, but maybe something you can do...
  17. Re: What do you do while playing the game?

    I tried doing that once with my only virtual meeting class last semester but Idk my integrity just wouldn't let me to do it. Most of that class was simply presenting a powerpoint for something we...
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    Re: New "Wizard City Wheels" Mount.

    Now wouldn't it be cool if Ki also designed a skateboard area in Wizard City too where we can do some cool tricks?
  19. All of Wizard City should be free to play.

    An old and dusty debate! What are your thoughts? What about the business perspective?
  20. How do you feel about Adjustments on Pets?

    Making this thread because I've noticed in the Hatchery, almost everybody around is looking for a Frillasaur (Scaly, Scratchy, and Snappy) because of the damage adjustments included but lately I've...
  21. What do you do while playing the game?

    Title says it all.

    What do you do while in game? Or are you hyper-focused into playing?
  22. Re: Anyone have nightshade and/or deep mushroom?

    It said area unavailable. Wanna just meet in Scarecrow area 1 :pinch:
  23. Re: Anyone have nightshade and/or deep mushroom?

    I'm spinning on my life, I'll just give you as many deep mushrooms as you think you need...

    Same place as u were before.
  24. Re: Anyone have nightshade and/or deep mushroom?

    Wait you still there? I got caught up with what I was doing before I logged off this morning xd
  25. Re: Anyone have nightshade and/or deep mushroom?

    I'll log on now and check which of my wizards has the most surplus deep mushrooms
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