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    Spellement Crafting

    Works similar to how crafting the Beastmoon Spellements work, where every crafting recipe nets you 5 of those Spellements. But I was thinking, take 1 Amber, 1 TC of the spell you want Spellements of,...
  2. Re: Double Animus & Monstrology XP, thru 11/30, Member Benefit.

    Day 1,057 of asking for Triple Animus Elixirs to be tradable.
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    Re: Level 130 Gear and Beyond

    Get enough pieces for the first gear set bonus that offers you +6% extra damage. As for which pieces, definitely go for the Amulet. It gives you two AoE hits that are slightly stronger than an...
  4. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    It trades the DoT damage for being able to deal more damage on the turn it's cast. Currently, Deer Knight only does 450 damage if you're going second, or if you go first you also apply 140 DoT damage...
  5. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    Deer Knight no longer wastes half of an entire enchant on the DoT, making it deal better burst damage and you don't need to worry about it wasting Feints. The initial hit having +150 damage from Epic...
  6. [TEST REALM] Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    Puts an infection on if target has a Heal Over Time
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Audit to lore spells (school pips)

    Feint seems to have not been touched at all by School Pip requirements, so you should be able to cast it the same as you normally would.

    For a spell that will require a School Pip, like Brimstone...
  8. Re: Spellement require card to first learn spell... since when?

    I think that this was possible for a short time when Spellements were first introduced for those spells, but was taken away pretty soon afterward.

    With as many spells that have Spellements now, we...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    I was the hitter for the Elf fight in our guild's raids today, as a Myth to prove that Storm and Fire aren't the only schools that can hit there (and to also let myself be more versatile in what...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Audit to lore spells (school pips)

    So I was just in Ratbeard's stream asking about School Pips potentially preventing the PVE "first turn Ship of Fools/Rat Spin" plays, and while Ratbeard himself wasn't able to answer since Artie was...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Aphrodite is now a stone key boss

    Stone Keys are easier to get than before, only if slightly, since Gold Key bosses sure do love dropping the wrong kinds of keys. Making Gold Keys easier to get didn't make Stone Keys harder to...
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    [TEST REALM] Fall 2022 New Beastforms

    Wasn't able to post these at first as I had internet issues since the start of November, but with that finally abated after a grueling half a month I can finally make this topic. The images look...
  13. Re: Do you play mobile games? If so what games?

    I usually don't use my phone for mobile games. When I do, I usually play Night of the Full Moon or Breach Wanderers. I like my roguelikes lol.
  14. Re: "Double Gardening Rewards & XP, thru 10/30, Member Benefit."

    6 weeks ago when we got it as part of the birthday celebration.

    Which I'm not complaining about. Always happy to see Double Gardening, even moreso than before since now I can use it to get...
  15. Re: "Double Gardening Rewards & XP, thru 10/30, Member Benefit."

    Extra mega snacks are nice and all, but it's time for me to use this a bunch.
  16. Re: What ever happened to large decks in the higher levels?

    I think that it was mostly a PVP thing that the amount of max copies went down. There were people who went back to the Darkmoor deck to bring 8 trained copies of spells like 2-pip bubbles (before the...
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    Re: Crashing and BM

    It's raids too. Crashes have ruined at least 2 of our runs today. Joy.
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    Re: Font Changes?

    The secret second font issue has existed for as long as I can remember. Might even be a decade old at this point, if not even older. Nobody is stopping what they're doing just to spend all day...
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    Re: Casting Prisms and Traps.

    This also works in the opposite way! If you cast a Life Trap before your Death Prism, it'll use the Life Trap since the damage is now Life.

    Prisms can be tricky like that. Still very nice cards...
  20. Re: RIP Dell Aldrich (Narrator, Grandmother Raven).

    As I quested throughout the spiral, I could hear her voice getting older and older. If you were to compare her lines in the Halloween quest and her lines in Darkmoor, it becomes a lot more apparent....
  21. Baron Von Bracken and Pigsie Spellements

    (Crossposting from a thread I just started in the main forums, idk if it'll be approved or not)

    Baron Von Bracken has two million health if you're fighting with max level wizards. On lower tiers,...
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    Re: Krokopatra Rematch Made Easy

    Krokopatra can absolutely be first-rounded. Two Backdrafts (there's a hat that gives it as an item card), Ele Trap, and Phoenix. Dead. Krokopatra can't even hit if you're in a group. If you don't...
  23. Re: Daily Assignment - Giant Spider 'The Hive' not working?

    Where are you fighting them? I know that daily assignments won't work if you try to fight the mob inside of a boss room; you specifically have to fight them out in the "streets" of The Hive.
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    Re: Fall 2022 Scroll of Fortune

    That's a lot of Splashsquatches. And the Pigsies are great for so many wizards. Makes me wonder if Pigsie's status as being perhaps the only lore spell that people would want to tier up on multiple...
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    Re: KI Employee Gone Bad

    Aww, I slept through the whole fiasco! Hope they come back.
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