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    Re: Harmonic Cyclops Pet

    Confirmation images for the news on the Pet:Harmonic Cyclops:

    New discovered Talent#4 - Rugged
    and Derby Ability#1 - Slick-N-Slide
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    Pet:Pink Pixie

    Posting some screenshots for verification of the multiple Talents and Derby Abilities added to the Pet:Pink Pixie page.

    Mention: this Pink Pixie that I have is a 1st generation pet, obtained from...
  3. Pet:Life-ish Frog - other acquisition way


    I have a Life-ish Frog 1st generation that was obtained from the "Helpful Healers Pet Bundle", from Crown Shop, not as a drop from Brainworm creature.
    This bundle is a temporary one (I guess)...
  4. Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

    Adding my wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    Thanks to W101 Central Wiki for being a place where I found a "hearth", where I come back daily to read not only the in-game news, but also to meet...
  5. GIF images - upload to the Wiki


    The "mystery" has been solved: GIF images no larger than 1.14 MB can be uploaded to the Wiki Forum posts.
    I hope this thread can still remain here, just in case anyone might ever have the...
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    Emotes Category - thoughts?

    Hi again, Wiki Masters,

    there is an "item" received from the Fall Festivals Crowns Rewards Event (Nov. 2022), and I cannot find where to place it on the Wiki.
    It is a (new ?) emote action: "Cider...
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    Re: Parabull - new Myth Pet

    Adding here a confirmation image of the Parabull's PetAbility:Ivan's Omen unlock recipe.

    Talent Token x45
    Spirit Token x20
    Myth Token x5

  8. Re: Is it a good time for a GiveAway? :)

    This giveaway has ended, thanks again for participating.

    @jlegendwielder, your gift is still here, waiting to be redeemed :)

    Dylan Windwalker, glad you enjoy yours!

  9. Mount:Autumn-Mobile - Special Event Item

    I have just read the news in the Template Updates - October/November 2022 thread, where Marcus StrongThief explained that "[...] a MountInfobox revamp is likely on the horizon [...]". I will...
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    Re: Category:Gold Pets - questions

    Thank you, Court!
    That would be great :) I'll be working, after, on updating the other pages in this situation.

  11. Re: Is it a good time for a GiveAway? :)

    Thank you both for participating, @Dylan Windwalker and @jlegendwielder :)

    Mythy it is! I wonder what "stylish" look prefers Cyrus himself?:28:

    And... you have replied first and are a...
  12. Is it a good time for a GiveAway? :)

    This is a one-shot Giveaway event on my side, not official. Please check the last Disclaimer Note, thank you.

    Greetings, fellow Wizards!

    Here I start a giveaway, few things are needed. And...
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    Parabull - new Myth Pet


    The Parabull Pet comes in as a reward from the current Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event, at 200 p. (Nov. 2022).

    Info and confirmation images below (page set up):

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    Re: House:Firework Cannon.

    Thank you Alura, for the reminder and for fixing the page!
    I even had uploaded this image to my album, for confirmation of my first "crownsonly = Yes" edit.
    Later, I checked the page again, opened...
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    Tiki Drink item is broken

    Minor issue

    Just to let know that the new Tiki Drink item, which can currently be received from a free code (thanks KI and congratulations on the 10K TikTok Followers :) ) - appears under the...
  16. Re: Helpful Healing Pet Bundle (Crown Shop) - thoughts?

    Thanks a lot for the offer, Caspeen, I went for the bundle anyways. Apart from the getting the pets, it helped with the current Crown Rewards event, basically, I got more-in-one, so, Crowns spent...
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    Category:Gold Pets - questions

    Subtopic: How to correctly add it to the Template?
    here I've updated the Template fields on the Piggle Pet page, and I've noticed the Category:Gold Pets has to be written separately:...
  18. Re: Helpful Healers Pet Bundle (Crown Shop) - thoughts?

    My collector side, now, thanks you and says: "Look, Willowdreamer is absolutely right!" :smile: (P.S.: That Brute Piggle is a target for my *oink* collection, yes.)
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    Re: They're Here!

    So cute looking, and, definitely, Collection Items.
    I wish a lot there was a way for me to get the Plushies... :1346: But glad you got them, thank you for posting the pics, I was curious about them...
  20. Re: Helpful Healing Pet Bundle (Crown Shop) - thoughts?

    Thanks, Jonathan, I'll keep in mind.

    My other little problem is that I can't access GameStop or any shop in USA to buy the cards, that is where the temptation to get some of these pets, comes. I...
  21. Helpful Healers Pet Bundle (Crown Shop) - thoughts?

    There is a Helpful Healers Pet Bundle in the Crown Shop right now, seems interesting to me for some rather rare pets, especially the Brute Piggle. Thought to ask opinions, if anyone can help, before...
  22. Quest:Making the Grade - 2nd goal rewards

    There is an updated Reward Icon on the 2nd goal image of the Quest:Making the Grade: instead of "housing", it shows now a "crafting slot". I guess, the other 2 goals now need a Stub Note for...
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Looking for Snappy Gryphon

    I have several Snappy Gryphon Pets, if still needed. Some are at adult age or above, some babies, but I can fast train them.
    I will gladly lend any you like, if you find them interesting,...
  24. [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Fiery null dragon and deadly null dragon

    Hi, Dragony,

    I don't know about the Fiery Null Dragon Pet, but I have heard the Deadly Null Dragon one is not received after hatching, usually? (posted here more info). If you manage to find...
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    Re: Wiki Images - using GIMP

    It does for sure, Alura, thank you for sharing a more simple way of image editing using the "Paint" program. I am not sure why, my Windows 10 Home obliges to use Paint 3D, I don't feel comfortable...
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