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  1. Re: "Update & Maintenance", Nov. 30, 2am CST / 10am CEST.

    I'm really about to wake up tomorrow and start questing again. That's a wild feeling lol
  2. Re: "Yuletide Decorative Bundles" & "Winter Trees Bundle", ends 1/2.

    I don't need another reminder that it's gonna be Winter 2022 again lol I just want it to be summer of 2007 again, people going to the mall to get their first Iphone and the world is not ending as...
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    Re: Favorite "Christmas Songs".

    I'm not much of a Christmas person, not very festive so I didn't really reply to this one. BUT I MUST REPLY TO ALL THE THREADS sooooooooo lol (jk jk). I really do enjoy a Hot Chocolate and "Harry in...
  4. Re: Just Another Sometimes It Happens Bug

    It happens with some teleporters and other teleporters work fine. I think with this in mind, it's going to be difficult to pinpoint the problem especially if it involves connection, which is...
  5. [TEST REALM] Re: Test Realm Patch Notes for Nov. 21, 2022.

    I look forward to questing again and again and again... But then there's Bailey Jade and her endless army :smile-piza:
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    What's your favorite house?

    Personally it's always been the Celestial Observatory. It's somewhat difficult to decorate the interior but the best part about it is that it's small so there's plenty of room to put in the details...
  7. Re: Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

    To answer your question objectively, no but close. If you're Ice, it's closer.

    Jade Gear is still around (don't know why, could say). Rockstar Boots if you remember those are still around....
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    Re: Fairy Spellement

    I'm not sure if learning about Spellements as early as learning Pixie/Fairy is a good thing, I think it might be too much for a starting player to get into and grinding needlessly to upgrade that...
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    Re: Building the ideal ice wizard

    Descrimination is beyond foolish thing in W101. Remember that. It has no place in this game and in anywhere in our greater reality and don't think for a second that isn't true. The difficulties of...
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    Re: Spellement Crafting

    I feel like in this scenario, every single Lore Spell TC (and I'm talking about the super common ones nobody cares about like Wintermoon and Samoorai) will become incredibly rare, like nearly...
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    Re: Make Amber available in Bazaar

    I have something like 200 Ambers in stock but I know people out there with thousands to spare. King Parsley is a pretty decent plant to harvest (at elder) for Amber but at the same time, some players...
  12. Re: Groundskeeper Verne in Pegasus Place

    And that's why Ravenwood is always gonna be better than Pigswick lol

    lol why does everything have to be half-baked, even the updates that didn't even have any reason to be done in the first place...
  13. Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

    Happy Thanksgiving Witches and Wizards lol
  14. Re: Requesting Housing Crafter Recipe Screenshots

    Caspeen, Let's unlock Housing Crafting :001_cool:
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    It is pretty... weird, perplexing. Are they seeing that this item is No-Auction and automatically putting it in the drop tables of Malistaire to make it rare because everything that drops from...
  16. [TEST REALM] Re: Test Realm Patch Notes for Nov. 21, 2022.

    I'm glad they're rethinking Shadow Creatures, since as they are right now, they're barely used because the cost is too high for something that will deal less damage than two spells that require one...
  17. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    I'm lost for words at this point :12:

    Are they trying to weaken our spells to make up for steadily increasing stats because they don't know how to make enemies powerful? Spell damage goes down,...
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    Re: shark tooth and star iron

    I'm assuming none of the Novus recipes require these, but then that's a good thing considering how difficult it is to obtain these reagents. We don't want another Karamelle situation where it's...
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    Re: Another bad day in gardening.

    I'm gonna tell my grandchildren this is how the plant coup d'état started :surrender:
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    Re: Our Country is so broken

    There's not a day that passes in my life that I don't think about that. And I'm not even talking about just the Semi-United States, where the divide is so blatant...
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    Re: Count to 100 before a Moderator Posts

    66. lol I'm here
  22. Re: Is it a good time for a GiveAway? :)

    Sounds like fun. I guess I can put myself out there lol

    My myth Logan BoomBloom, who traveled to the Spiral less than a month ago, has probably had the wildest time of any level 1 I've ever had....
  23. Re: Developers want to be treated better! It goes both ways!

    It's a difficult balance I'm sure. Ki has plans and an agenda of ideas but almost always the player community has problems with it. But then if Ki caters to their fanbase and their ideas of what they...
  24. Re: Yuletide/Winter Decoration Items?

    Probably the snowflakes.

    I've been thinking about an idea of using Castle Magic + Advanced Movement with the Snowflakes to make extra big snow. It takes a lot of space though and since it's a...
  25. Re: "Thank you for 10K followers!" (free code).

    But alas, I will never download TikTok (and Twitter lol):18:
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