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    Re: Thoughts on Kiosk Hatching?

    I'd say I have mixed feelings about it.
    Yes, it made "good" pets with max stats easily available to anyone. Though I'm glad that we can all take advantage of that, it takes away the hard work, the...
  2. Re: Pets can't be restored after trashing right?

    I've had a pet restored completely as it was before trashing, though that was when I deleted a character with it, not the pet itself.
    Good luck!
  3. Re: Which kiosk pets generally have all maycast talents?

    Calixco Kittens have a lot of utilities too.
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    View Post

    Endurance is what I need right now as a soon-to-be career rookie :aww:

    Thanks for the Raffle!
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    Re: PVP Suggestions

    I agree fully regarding loremaster and guardian spirit, however:

    1. Shrike. I think adding 30% incoming damage is too much. What happens if both sides shriked? I can just imagine the disaster......
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    Re: 1,681 (new) wall hanging items.

    They are treasure card frames, I believe you get the recipe in Wizard City Library, or you can buy them in the crown shop.
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    Re: Error Messages:

    I have the same issue. I just received Error 121 twice earlier when I tried to log in. I haven't been having problems actually logging in, but the error messages have been appearing very frequently...
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    Re: On Pre-enchanted Treasure cards

    I laughed reading this.

    But oh maybe they intended for us to enchant our spells with enchantment tcs for use in that same battle, and only when we fail to use them do the tcs return to our...
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    Re: Seventh Character Slot Now Available

    It's not that I can't afford it, it just seems ridiculous that I have to pay such an absurd price just for a seventh character, something that KI can easily give us without cost. We would still have...
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    Re: On Pre-enchanted Treasure cards

    I have said many times in many places that somebody in KI for goodness sake needs to play this game properly, just like their players. Not to run tests, not to showcase something, nothing like that....
  11. [TEST REALM] Re: Sun Spell Enchantments gone for TC vendors in test!

    I'm glad KI has at least shown that they are willing to listen to their community's opinions.

    However, I don't see how it was not their intention to have us have limitless amount of TCs.
  12. [TEST REALM] Re: Sun Spell Enchantments gone for TC vendors in test!

    How is essentially "creating" a TC through enchantments misusing? Pre-enchanted cards is considered a TC. People have been enchanting their cards from the moment enchants came out, and it is in no...
  13. [TEST REALM] Re: Sun Spell Enchantments gone for TC vendors in test!

    One word reaction: HUH?!

    Elaborated response: Seriously nobody in their sane minds welcome this change KI, don't even think about it.

    1. Affects questing efficiency significantly, especially in...
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    Poll: Re: End Setting in PvP

    Sorry, I didn't read everything in detail when I wrote the post.

    You are right, I also do significantly more quick matches than regulars because of this problem. In regulars and especially team...
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    Poll: Re: End Setting in PvP

    Hi central!

    I voted for others (noticed I'm the first one lol) because it's really hard to give a definitive answer to the question.

    1. Setting wasn't such a big problem before the hatchmaking...
  16. [WANTED TO MIX] May cast locust swarm, snow serpent, and sunbird

    Hi central :)

    Does anyone have any of these may cast talents on a pet?
    It would be best if the pet had all of them on one pet but even just one or two is great.
    I'm trying to collect this!...
  17. Re: Suspended for saying a Valentina HeartSong wand!

    I see the reasoning behind this, but it is still illogical how "in-game" words can trigger automatic sanctions, while many other "creative" ways of harassment are often overlooked. Then, even the...
  18. Re: Suspended for saying a Valentina HeartSong wand!

    The funny thing is that you apparently can't report someone for being insulting and rude (nothing in particular happens to them either unless they say certain words), sneaking around the filter to...
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    Re: How should I proceed?

    I'd like to think I'm pretty experienced in the sphere of journeyman and adept pvp. I've helped a friend rank up in lvl10 but I don't really like below lvl16 because of the lack of towers. If you...
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    Re: Doing better on crownplayer benefit

    Despite the absurd Night-Knight event, I'd still like the rewards to be a mix of benefits rather than just one free pack though (and have more than 1 tier). Of course, the tier requirements can't be...
  21. Re: Unfair stats - Fire being superior to Storm

    Not to disagree with your statement, but I often find the boss not blocking my criticals but there's always some mobs that do... which is a very weird design in my opinion. I wonder if it's just...
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    Re: A different membership

    I personally don't think, and haven't heard of the price of membership being the issue, even within discussions of the game being too pricey. Most of us are concerned about the excessive pack...
  23. Thread: Gold

    by Danielle0228

    Re: Gold

    Agreed! I mean, there's no crowns limit right? Being able to move gold and TC would be incredibly convenient. No trade TC can still be no trade, no contradictions on that. There's no reason we...
  24. Re: It's been a couple months since the Scion spells came out. What's your opinion?

    I only have max storm and ice, so I can only comment on those 2. The storm scion is wonderful, whether it's pve or pvp. It's a little bit OP but it's alright since you can counter it by blading. I...
  25. Re: Feedback Friday, 1-11-2019; Add or Change something?

    The storm titan can't really be done by a random team without a death. Maybe if it were a team of coordinated friends, it's possible, but so far I've only teamed up. Also, without a death, you'd face...
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