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    Re: Fire Deckathalon Event, thru May 17th

    I'm stuck at 7.2. Don't see a way around it unless my pet heals every round. This morning I had 3-5 hounds around me varying from 46 to 220 damage. At one point I thought luck had smiled on me when...
  2. Re: Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

    Athena: Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare. This one could be interesting. Smart and dangerous.

    Ares: God of war, violence, bloodshed and manly virtues. We've had a cup of coffee with...
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    Re: Fire Deckathalon Event, thru May 17th

    Good to know. Thank you.

    Something tells me I may never make it that high up. I'll need ALOT of luck and ALOT of pet heals. So far I'm proving to not be too good at this. :laugh: I'm impatient and...
  4. Poll: Re: Which magic resembles Mirage the most?

    I want to say Ice, but only because Nalia Dunestrider was the first(?) Mirage resident we met in Wysteria. Not sure if Nalia was the first, but she is the first I recall.
  5. Re: [Journal Entry] My Dog Rover the Rescue Rover

    Been playing the game since 2013. Have accumulated many pets. They are strung out all over in place in many castles. None of them are alone though, at least not that I recall. Maybe I should have a...
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    Re: Fire Deckathalon Event, thru May 17th

    I really hate to be a complainer and I honestly have not done much Deckathalon in the past, but I'm kind of getting into it some. Would it be possible to use our little brains and imaginations just a...
  7. Re: What is your favorite area in Wizard City and why?

    No doubt about it for me; it's School of Death, Sunken City and Darkmoor. I grew up on old b&w scary movies- Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy...all the greats, so my love of the macabre,...
  8. Poll: Re: Which world gives you the most nostalgia?

    Dragonspyre. For me, it was just that end of the first arc excitement. That first time was exciting for me because you knew what was coming. And now, even today, when I first enter DS with another...
  9. Re: So when are Kiosk gold prices going to decrease?

    Hmmm. How can I put this without seeming to vague?
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    Re: Game Update for May 5, 2021

    If you have kids you will get this. For those others out there with kids you will 100% get this.

    The definition of "slightly" is: When your oldest child calls you from home to tell you your...
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    Nice, Quick Day Today in Aquila

    So I just hit Level 90 with my second Death Wizard. I thought I'd spend some time today dual box farming for some gear with my Max Death Wizard. Little did I know it wouldn't take long at all. First...
  12. Re: Known Requests: Name changes, dye support, crowns sales, etc.

    Just my opinion. So the tact now from KI is to acknowledge the requests in hopes of quieting the masses? Not buying it.
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    Re: Magic Beanstalk

    Have you found a way to move though? I've tried to move to the left or right to look/pan around at that angle, but every time I do it immediately transports me back to the ground. Am I doing...
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    Re: Treasure Card Display in Dorms

    I cannot remember if this is possible for wall hanging items, but can you use advanced movements to move it left or right until you can add the second display then move them both in place with...
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    Re: Spiral Showcase Event, ends May 3rd

    Yes, please. There are so many things that need a rewards update. Bountiful mine, the Fish Bowl thing, the Treehouse-Nest place and on and on. KI really needs to include an overall update of stuff...
  16. Re: What are You're thoughts on the free membership Kingislsle gave to every Mac OS u

    I have no issue with this. I've always felt Mac Users were always left behind a few steps on Wizard101. I think this helps a little.
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    Poll: Re: Rate The Spring Update!

    Honestly, I'm just going to say Incomplete. Most of this update means very little to a player like me.

    Speeding Up certain AOE Spells: Excellent. This has been a long time coming

    New Skeleton...
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    Re: Updated System Requirements.

    It appears my time with Wizard101 is quickly coming to a close. In a few months, I'll be moving to a remote location where my only option for internet will be through a satellite system. According to...
  19. Re: Death Deckathalon, now thru April 19th.

    I can't even get beyond Stage 5. The Wraith and the Krok use too much poison for me and with only a Level 4 deck I may not be able to.
  20. Re: Death Deckathalon, now thru April 19th.

    Way, way, WAY too much poison being used. One is bad enough and hardly manageable, but when two enemy use them back to back right at the beginning of the duel, ridiculous.
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    Re: "Gardening Bundles!", now thru 4/19.

    Didn't we use to get a Spring Sale where some useful crown seeds, the gardening castles, gardening housing items and gardening packs went on sale? I'd certainly prefer that to this. Put Farley's pack...
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    Re: It's birthday today

    Happy Birthday to you! :banana:
  23. Re: Any Character Aesthetics you would like to see?

    Sometimes I wish we had a little more body tone. Depending on what we are wearing, sometimes you get a glimpse of our little stick figure legs or scrawny little necks. It would be nice to have a...
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    Re: Increase in intrusive ads?

    Yep. I've been getting these.
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    Re: Happiest W101 memories

    I started playing the game because of my kids. They wanted to play so bad and finally I signed them up. To make sure it was safe and play along with them, I also signed up. The goal for them, since...
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