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  1. Re: Should the Whisp system be redone

    I don't know about redoing the system, but this has already been sort of implemented with the current test realm. If there's multiple people in a fight, you get a bunch of bonus wisps after it ends....
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    Re: New Mount:Raven Wings

    I'd definitely call them Astral Wings before Raven Wings, but it's still not entirely inaccurate given that Raven has been shown to have Astral wings in-game multiple times.

    Also, Vanessa Mythdust...
  3. Re: I just fizzled... I don't get this

    Would definitely be an interesting stat to revisit in the stat audit. I think it'll get almost universal backlash because of course altering accuracy in any way that increases fizzles is an...
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    Re: Elissa Chill band

    Since there's no verified marker for the ring dropping from Blackback Soldiers, I would look elsewhere. I've personally only seen it drop from the boss, Oya Bloodstorm. The ring dropping from this...
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    Re: New "Star Iron" Reagent!

    This gives me renewed hope that Yago could be the next world (if we go by the theory that we'll go somewhere else in our search for Lemuria). Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase.
  6. Re: Discard right click discards 2 cards

    First time I've ever heard of a glitch like this, although I have had issues with a faulty mouse in the past that would sometimes register clicks as a double click, and that would force a discard....
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    Re: Starting with 6 pips?

    When Celestia was in test realm way back in 2010, the level 55 wands were introduced as the first wands to give +2 Power Pips, and this was seen as too overpowered to make it out of Test. At the...
  8. Retroactive "Play as your Pet Quest" in Avalon

    My girlfriend noticed this while we were questing up one of her wizards through Caer Lyon, and she got the Lute Drop quest with an added goal to play as your pet to find the lute. It only adds a...
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    Re: Wizard101 Speedrun?

    Definitely strict rules. Under the official speedrun rules (at least, official in terms of what you can submit to that website), you:

    aren't allowed any help (unless it's co-op, then it's 1 other...
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    Re: Wizard101 Speedrun?

    I can't link it, but these already exist on a certain website dedicated to speedruns of games. They just added a new Krok% category too, and the Wiz speedruns are actually pretty active especially...
  11. Re: Known Requests: Name changes, dye support, crowns sales, etc.

    Pretty sure at one point they said we will never get the TC Vault. Their goal is to give us more reasons to expend our TC rather than giving us more ways to bloat the hoard.

    On the topic of...
  12. Re: Wizard101Devs: Regarding PvE Crit and Block.

    I genuinely don't know what I want to see here. Wizard101's Critical/Block system is already very different from most games. In pretty much any other game, Criticals are not something that happen...
  13. Re: "Why do Gamigo kill MMO's?" - A Video Expressing Concerns With KI's Acquisition

    I see what you're getting at, but a solution and a feasible solution are very different things. An infeasible solution may as well not exist at all. What you're suggesting here is that a large enough...
  14. Re: "Why do Gamigo kill MMO's?" - A Video Expressing Concerns With KI's Acquisition

    Regarding when we can start assessing Gamigo's influence, I think it's hard to say. On the Pirate101 side of things we were essentially told not to expect anything other than business as usual for up...
  15. "Why do Gamigo kill MMO's?" - A Video Expressing Concerns With KI's Acquisition

    This video isn't strictly related to Wizard101, BUT Wizard101 does get a mention due to the acquisition by Gamigo, and there's a lot of important information in here about Gamigo as a company and how...
  16. Re: Darkmoore and its terrible drop rate

    I can't comment on some aspects of your trials, but what I can clear up is the differing amounts of exp that you got. It's been known for a long time that exp is dished out at a rate of 3 exp per PIP...
  17. Re: Darkmoore and its terrible drop rate

    Not dying is certainly good advice just because DM Malistaire has 2 separate drop tables for its forms, but otherwise I've seen nothing to suggest that what you do in the battle and how long you last...
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    Re: Spring Spell Update Sneak Peek!

    I think it's also worth adding, because this happens every teaser cycle, that KI never shows everything that's going to be in an update. This is clearly one of many new additions as is always the...
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    Re: A warning about using exploits

    Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see stacking stopped (with no retroactive ban) as well. Plant stacking was/is only tolerated because to patch it would also require patching general house...
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    Re: A warning about using exploits

    100% agreed. I mute them when we get close to story content "season" so that I don't get spoilers for that stuff, but all other times of the year they're a net positive for the playerbase. The...
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    Re: A warning about using exploits

    Honestly, I'm not sure this would really do anything despite Sparck's reply. The dataminers are very well known in the community on other websites, and they're even followed by some of the devs who...
  22. Re: an idea for an update to give shadow magic

    Risk vs reward is the very core of Shadow Magic, if you ask me. It shouldn't be something you should be able to freely and easily use, but it would still have to be much better than this (and, quite...
  23. Re: Former KI Employees now employed at Wimo Games.

    On Central, perhaps, but engagement was frequent on places like Twitter long before then as well. I know there's a lot of people here who are for some reason repulsed by the idea of interacting with...
  24. Re: Former KI Employees now employed at Wimo Games.

    It does seem like the community has been very unreceptive of that change as well. Tom and Leah had such a powerful chemistry that lends itself to lots of comedic moments, combined with Tom's clear...
  25. Re: The real question we should be asking about Karamelle

    I feel this with a lot of pronunciations. I live in the US, but I consume so much British-created media that I often use the wrong local pronunciation without realizing it sounds weird to whoever I'm...
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