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    Re: Lady Cat is gone

    I'm at a loss for words. Lady Cat was a staple part of the Central experience, and her kindness, wisdom, and maturity were an inspiration and reminder to stay grounded and friendly to all. I will...
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    Re: Gamma Plushie Coming Soon!

    I completely agree. I think that had they figured out good merch sooner, they could have made a whole bunch of money on quality branded items. While Gamma has never been my favorite, so I'm going...
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    Poll: Re: Do you sleep with your door open?

    What edward sky said is very true, closed doors are extremely important for fire safety. I keep my door closed for this reason primarily, but it is also very nice for privacy when there are guests...
  4. Re: What is your favorite area in Wizard City and why?

    After considering every area in turn, I would have to say Ravenwood. Up until graduation, it's a constant occassional visit spot to learn spells, and the design and ambiance really emphasize its...
  5. Re: All of Wizard City should be free to play.

    As someone who has paid for every single area I have access to in the game with crowns (the entire first and second arcs, plus Wysteria, Grizzlehiem, Wintertusk, Darkmoor, Kembaalung, and Barkingham...
  6. Re: What do you do while playing the game?

    If I'm doing something repetitive, I'm typically listening to music or perhaps a podcast or audiobook in the background. If I'm questing and it's new content to me, I'm paying attention to the game....
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    Re: What Does Pride Mean To You?

    For me, Pride is realization, understanding, and acceptance. Pride is the courage to question things you've been taught and allowing oneself to be brave enough to grow comfortable in who they really...
  8. Poll: Re: Which world gives you the most nostalgia?

    I feel like the correct answer from me is technically Wizard City, due to the sheer amount of time I've spent there with my various wizards. But to be honest, I've had so many baby wizards quest...
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    Poll: Re: Pvp VS Pve

    Many years ago, my answer would have been PvP, but it has long since changed to PvE. Whether it was the rapidly evolving strats, more and more premium gear you needed to do well, or anything else,...
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    Re: Best looking area in W101??

    Lake Shore was what first popped to mind, but I also really like the Solar Arc, Cloudburst Forest, pretty much all of Wysteria, and Northguard/Vestrilund/Sudrilund.

    Lake Shore, though, was the...
  11. Re: Flash Raffle! Ends at 10pm CST Saturday! Crowns and Membership!

    "Bird is the word"
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    Re: Castle Tour Surprises!

    Is Epic illegal? I thought it was legally obtainable at some point? Aren't it and Lifebane the only ones in the OP that are okay to own?
  13. Re: 2020 Holiday Raffles! (Multiple Sets of Prizes)

    It may be too late, but in case. I'm very glad and feeling grateful that my family is safe and happy this holiday season.

    Thank you very much for the raffle, Cherry (if I'm not too late!) I hope...
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    Re: 12 Days of the Spiral: Day 2

    Every year previous to this one, the best coupon I've ever got was the 20%. And even then, it was only once. I mostly got 15% coupons. But this year, for the first time, I got a 40% coupon! I'm...
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    Re: What's Your LEAST Favorite World?

    For remarkably biased personal reasons, my least favorite world is Avalon. This has nothing to do with the world itself, merely outside circumstances that lead it to be the world that I look at the...
  16. Re: if WIZARD101 SURPRISINGLY unexpected closed in 2021?

    I don't think it will yet. It will come eventually, nothing lasts forever. But, if it theoretically did, I suppose I would bid goodbye to a fundamental part of my childhood, with bittersweet...
  17. Re: Has anyone managed to get Open Chat working if original age was under 13?

    I created my account in October 2009, at age 12. I remember struggling through communicating with menu chat for a year, and then getting text chat when KI verified I was 13. However, at age 18, all...
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    Poll: Re: The golden age of Wizard101?

    Everything leading up to the release of CL, and then the time after it was released was overall the golden age, in my opinion. But I think I personally had the most fun in the game in 2012, the...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Wizard Character Model Update

    Oh no... I also thought that all of this was going to be magic mirror options. I didn't realize that it was going to mandatory for all characters. I am... speechless. I haven't logged in to see...
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    Re: Corrupt A Wish Game!

    Granted, every show you watch has it's next season cancelled as soon as you get up to date with it.

    I wish I wouldn't ever get hangry.
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    Re: word morphing 2 the sequel

    pat to path
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    Poll: Re: Central Members

    I started Wiz in early October 2009, and I joined Central in early 2012, after lurking around the site without an account for around nine months or so.

    Also, I'm sure you realize, but just...
  23. Re: Combine your name with the poster above you!

    Uhhh... flash Shadowsong..?
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    Re: Anime

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is impeccable. And weird suggestion, but Violet Evergarden is a personal favorite. It's one of those really emotional ones though, so if that isn't your jam, you...
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    Re: New KI Mobile Game - Gloom Busters

    Hmm. I was under the impression that the had stopped trying to break into the mobile games market when the other ones didn't turn out so well. This is a surprise.

    I guess I will continue to wait...
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