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  1. [TEST REALM] Things kingsisle need to fix in this test realm before they turn it back on!

    Below are things i would like to see fixed in Test realm:

    1. Interacting with Bazaar crash the game.
    2. Serous lack of Health wisps
    3. Clicking on card to cast or enchant is very difficult....
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    Maycast Pet talents nerfed

    I been questing in Novus and In live Realm. My pets used to cast every other round now they may cast every so many times in a match. Pets may cast were nerfed in Pvp but it seems that it also now in...
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    Re: "New Novus Bundles!"

    I not seeing the value on this one compared to the beta bundles for pirate101.
  4. Re: I finally made it introducing the shield Poxy Pet!

    My pet seems to be in it warm up to you phase but on average it cast something every other round damage been taken. The unfortunate thing is the Ai is not as intelligent as you may think. While...
  5. I finally made it introducing the shield Poxy Pet!

    So i thought to upgrade my dryad.




    Thanks to all those that put there pets in the in the Kiosk! Yes this pet cast pretty regularly.
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    Poll: Re: Pet Gene Idea

    Giving wizards an edge, this way makes more people want to hatch. Fail talent can be used on later pets but it still requires resources. The more the wizard hatches the less fails they have over...
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    Poll: Pet Gene Idea

    I had this idea to fix pets from overflowing and having to sell or trash them for space! What if we can take pets with manifested talents and take them to the hatchery and go special talent vending...
  8. [WANTED TO MIX] Does anyone have adult pet with these two talents?

    So i am looking for the talents"
    Ally Tower
    Ally Ether shield

    If you have these on your adult pets together that most ideal otherwise i would prefer if each talent is on adult separate to get...
  9. Re: How do you solve your max gold problems?

    I buy empowers first then reagents whether i have them or not till i'm at zero. I also use rich wizards' gold for pet hatching, and their timers.
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    it time to upgrade Pixie

    All schools used to reasonably heal through arc 1. But since then healing is hard to come by in pip efficient manner. All schools should have a viable free healing option to make solo play better for...
  11. Illustrated guide every pet a prepared life secretly has!

    So, you are thinking about making a life wizard, maybe you're wondering what kind of pets you should have to really make the most out of your wizarding experience. There are so many options...
  12. Re: "Your First Impressions of Raids", Feedback Friday.

    Raids unless the rewards are massive are currently giant waste of time. Right now, Wiztubers such as Awesomethesauce have struggled to complete entire runs. When most tuber struggled using Youtube to...
  13. Pet storage is unacceptable in this game

    Kingsisle created a pet system with a high fail rate but yet you can only store 100 pets per house. 50 in and 50 out but the attic is shared among all houses. Even worse pets can compete for backpack...
  14. Re: Questions about making a pet - Should I restart from scratch?

    First generation pets are always a great place to start. One thing i suggest doing is hatch multiple times with the same pet that has higher stats then yours ex:

    First hatch - adult if you have at...
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    Honestly use a blade then use a Aoe to kill minions first. Then focus on boss with a focus approach. In some cases, it better to flee and make sure your first so you're not taking unnecessary damage...
  16. Re: Is anyone else having connectivity problems?

    It feels good knowing i am not the only one. I checked facebook and twitter and no one reported anything yet. This is so annoying.
  17. Is anyone else having connectivity problems?

    Currently i can't login or even connect to wizard101 website. Either way ends with the connection timing out. Is anyone else having this issue?
  18. Re: OP Life Class teacher quest pets project done

    The way spec my pet were based on what i believed Kingsisle thinking about.

    1.Dryad could of had healing talents as it has heals for it pet cards. I wanted a fortress/ Defender Rampert pet that...
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    Healing Current needs clarity

    Currently Healing current just say 325 then ot heal for 3-5 rounds. Is this a conditional or is it random 3-5 round? I think one the original concepts was for this to be per HOT but right now it near...
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    Re: Pet Hatching Question

    I want to add to the how to get other pets question.

    I find that pets seem to have a rare factor when hatching. The rarer the pet is the harder it seems to get back though personal luck does seem...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Best Ravenwood Professor

    I think sylvia death will be covered in a future Arc story. Raven gave bartleby a cold that could have killed him. It made him gravely ill. But as we know just being weakened isn't enough to stop...
  22. OP Life Class teacher quest pets project done

    So my initial pet project is complete this is a showcase for all my teacher quest given pets. I hope it gives wizards around the spiral inspiration to have OP teacher given pets!

    Ps: I am in the...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Best Ravenwood Professor

    Wu story is self explanatory. She was the life assistant teacher much like Dworgyn. Interesting that husband and wife both chose to have assistants when they were bothing actively teaching. Once...
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    Re: Spritely or fairy friend Jewel?

    This is helpful thanks
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    Spritely or fairy friend Jewel?

    Fairy friend was available through a scroll of fortune but is there any place i can farm for either of these pet talents in Jewel form?
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