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    Re: That OOPS! Moment...

    I used my Life's Elucidates and Simplifies back in the day, ironically I still have them since I never sold the enchanted spells:sorcerer:

    Also there's been plenty of times where I didn't walk...
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Armored Skeleton anyone?

    The pet also drops from the Spirit dudes in Mirror Lake!
  3. Re: W101 E-mail Notice - Online Cart Purchases Discount

    I mean there are plenty of ways that Ki could actually increase their revenue through the old sales that they're strangely not doing. Probably best for the company to not do it so regularly as the...
  4. Re: W101 E-mail Notice - Online Cart Purchases Discount

    I would legit participate in a Pack-a-Palooza, throw in a fair share of crowns and I'm the guy that doesn't spend any additional money to this game ever. But I'm guessing Kingsisle really doesn't...
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    Re: Spell Idea: Graceful Charity.

    I like it! I enjoy the idea of giving players a better second chance and with this spell I could significant my team even without my healing set worn and this would especially good if the rest of my...
  6. Re: Guide to Unique Karamelle Reagent Collecting

    Omg a Karamelle Guide??? what????? :sorcerer:

    Great job Willowdreamer!! If only the drop rates for Toffee Beans and Karamelle Chunks increased!!
  7. Re: I REALLY wish we could move the bank

    I do too! But I guess there's something difficult about making a bank into a moveable item. I'm pretty sure this is one of the cases where the coding for something is too complex or challenging to...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    [/FONT]It's so difficult for a casual slice of life anime to get a 2nd season since it's not really as audience-attracting as something with a lot more action scenes. I too would really enjoy a...
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    Re: Flying Pet Bundle

    I honestly don't pay attention to these bundles at all and I hope everybody else is on the same boat. Ideally, everybody boycotts the bundles throughout the entire game and Ki will finally have to...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless is a God Tier Anime, mostly because I can relate to being that lazy. Tanaka is my role model in life and I have no regrets.
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    What's your rarest item?

    Title says it all! Clothing or housing items but not including TC/Reagents/PetSnacks!!

    My rarest item I think would be an Original Bone Dragon Mount 7-day rental :12: I'm sure y'all have something...
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    Re: general lag

    I've been feeling the same thing. I usually wait up to something around 20 seconds (sometimes later depending on whether I'm in a dungeon or not) and by then I feel like my game has crashed. I've...
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    Re: Housing Ideas.

    The way I do housing is really based off of symmetry and object placement.

    Here's the steps I do:

    So I would usually buy an even amount of the same housing item that I like.

    Put down the...
  14. Re: [Journal Entry] My Dog Rover the Rescue Rover

    I don't have many pets on each of my wizards but the one's that do stick around, I like to have very useful talents for because I like to believe they're happiest when they're helping me in battle...
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    Re: Play or Hold'em

    That stinks a bunch but I never really utilized tc enchanted rat spin or have tc enchanted anything as of late so these changes will hardly effect me. I only enchanted spells with tc...
  16. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet

    Just saw this, I'll finish this Mirror run and be on the way
  17. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet

    I'm around now :thud:
  18. Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

    While I know there's a lot of possibilities as to what expansions Ki is thinking of making (aside from the new world that is likely going to release the end of this year), we have no idea what it...
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    [WANTED] Re: Pigsie TC

  20. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet

    Count me in.

    Maybe Caspeen can help too but Idk if she's got all the badges already (which would not surprise me if she did) or has anything to gain from the dungeon...
  21. Re: What is your favorite area in Wizard City and why?

    Favorite Area is probably Sunken City. The improved graphics of Sunken City after the Wizard City update is amazing.
  22. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet

    Are you gonna do any runs later today? or perhaps tomorrow? I'm semi-interested in the badges but busy now.
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    [UK - HELP WANTED] Re: Tartarus Farming

    Hmmmm that's odd. I've never really helped a person with a UK server, in fact most of my friends who are in Europe still play in the US Server. As far as I know, there's nobody in Central that plays...
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    [UK - HELP WANTED] Re: Tartarus Farming

    Honestly just put in this true friend code F4VK54NP. If this doesn't work Idk what to do...
  25. Poll: Re: Which magic resembles Mirage the most?

    I said Balance because Sand lol but it's different from Krok :mellow:
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