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  1. Re: Beastmoon Hunt and KI Team, Aug. 5, 4pm CT.

    Usually they just check to see if there are bugs and if there is balanced game play. for the former you will see them use 100% tower shields and 80-100% speed black panther mounts.(or whatever mount...
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    Re: Christmas In July

    currently have only one ice wizard and i am glad i got it back then.

    I wonder if they should allow trades in spellements much like we currently do with TCs.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: "Summer 2021 - Updates Discussion"

    time to add more gold options again.
  4. Life Deckathalon event Now through July 19

    one of my favorite Deckathalons . and this is one of the few deckathalons which bosses might drop pigsie TC's.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Test realm updates

    this is geared more towards PvE.

    i tried to use that spell when my first death got it. pretty much worthless if you waited until you had 10 pips as more often you would be near dead
  6. Re: Best farming for Silver Trumpet Vine seeds?

    they will drop from mobs in the survey camp except crustacean shellbreakers.

    yep. also from fishing chests in balance, storm and death houses.
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    Re: Patriotic Sale! - thru July 6th

    a bit late but i did buy an astral unicorn on my main account.
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    Re: I just fizzled... I don't get this

    one thing i noticed was when i had accuracy over a 100 i never had a problem with fizzling. except when i got hit with an accuracy reducing spell. usually the accuracy was with gear and pets....
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    Re: Patriotic Sale! - thru July 6th

    that mount i bought a year or so ago. the pet i know i have somewhere. not sure if the canon is new. the eagle mount is cool . I will probably take advantage of the up to 50% sale on the other items.
  10. Re: Abandoned in Dungeon and Penalized for Exiting

    did you text it that you are checking info? if not then other players will assume you are trolling ,AFK or you lost connection . a rarer case you will hardly contributing and will be trying to hop a...
  11. Re: Abandoned in Dungeon and Penalized for Exiting

    sometimes they will discuss it. otherwise you will just see them leave. my guess is they are not paying attention to the screen to see which schools. as it can take a few minutes sometimes for a...
  12. Re: Abandoned in Dungeon and Penalized for Exiting

    i had that a few times with Darkmoor and with Titian trident instance.
    One of the main reasons is the other three did not like the school combination. the former would leave if there was no one...
  13. Re: Mounts: Palanquin Bundle and Crokagator Bundle

    what Jared said. As this roughly would have been my response when i first saw the title of this thread.
  14. Re: The Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Gift Card, thru 6/22

    i would buy this in pieces.
  15. Re: Throwback Thursday, Old Packs Return! 50% off, One day only.

    good luck with that. just because it is back doesn't mean the drop rates will increase.
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    Re: Beastmoon Seeds Spellements

    as a general rule that began when the game first begun is this. when people start to play more on something KI cuts the rewards. when people stop or slow down on playing an item KI increases the...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    Not as good as ABParadigm on the myth deckathon . but i did get to level 6 there and was able to craft a level 5 spellbook.
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    Re: New Mount:Chromaticat

    i could have sworn i saw this mount before. thanks as i didn't know where. it seems like a nice mount.
  19. Re: Charmer's Mystical Flutes! - Throwback Thursday.

    this wand is constantly being brought back. I wonder if they should just keep it in permanently .
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    Re: KI Live Code: MegaBatLive

    still open as i got the packs. hurry guys.
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    Re: New "Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack"

    it looks like they are trying to get people to work together again. other than that i have no idea on why there was NO TRADE on them. unless it was a blitch. i do know the two robe type in the game...
  22. Re: Free Training Point Buyback - Member Benefit, thru 5/16

    an option would be nice. but going through re-training again is still worth it than no free buy back training points.

    this benefit is a must have for all people new to the game. fortunately i am...
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    Re: That OOPS! Moment...

    my very first wizard which was balance and i was trying to learn every spell from ALL the schools. so i had all the first level spells and life up to satyr. fortunately i deleted that one. the second...
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    Re: Flying Pet Bundle

    with all do respect they are keeping it real. the problem is people are spending their money in unreal absurd ways. So KI will go on the cash cow and milk it for all they can. see those events where...
  25. Re: W101 E-mail Notice - Online Cart Purchases Discount

    will probably use it this coming monday.
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