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    [TEST REALM] Re: "Test Realm Schedule, Nov. 2022".

    I don't count this as a week. there wasn't enough time to do anything.
  2. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    2 less pips. and has steady based damage. it's workable.[/QUOTE]
  3. Re: "Candied Isles Bundle" Now Available Online.

    they usually don't. But i heard of a few where they did add on to card packs.
  4. Re: "Candied Isles Bundle" Now Available Online.

    got two for one account. Gear was almost always worthless or near worthless after second arc save for wands. if any they were good for were for stichies. i usually buy them for castles and mounts....
  5. Re: Developers want to be treated better! It goes both ways!

    developers are trained to not get attached to a specific game. much more like a comic book artist is trained not to get used to a specific comic. they usually do not stay long and if the games dies...
  6. [TEST REALM] Re: Potion Vendor in Arcanum - New Location

    they just did or actually near him and the guy who introduces us to cantrips.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Wow Fire shadow spells changed

    although fire had the most changes. like helephant can remove shields first then do damage. it looks like they want fire scion spell to work more properly. it's like about 10 changes. storm i just...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Wow Fire shadow spells changed

    looks the same to me. also for balance, storm and myth.
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    was sick for two days. still recovering but i have enough strength to look at the central boards and other internet stuff.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: New Guild/Social Features

    finally they improved guilds. was working until 8PM EST .
  11. [TEST REALM] Re: Potion Vendor in Arcanum - New Location

    why? just why?
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    Re: New Novus Teaser Code

    thanks for the code.
  13. Re: Catmandu Sanctuary Bundle House - video

    very nice. I won't buy either. Personally they should change the sky of MS to this sky. much better.
  14. Re: Spellements and what KI hasn't told us about which worlds we can farm in arc 1

    basically that is what i did when i first played. dual boxing doesn't hurt either.

    oh this was the thinking years ago also but then again max wizard was level 50-90 or so.

    there was one...
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    Re: Pet hatching via the Kiosk

    for me the cheapest was 71,500 gold at the kiosk. sometimes i would have to pay 105k gold
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    Re: "KI Live" codes from Oct. 27th.

    thank you for posting them. the fourth code was the only one i bothered to redeem on my second account. as that one was useful to me.
  17. Re: "New: Skeleton Key Bundles" in the Crown Shop.

    thought they did away with stone and wooden keys.
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    third/fourth pip in Novus update.

    i have seen clips on twitter on a third or fourth type of pip. I put in third or fourth as i am not sure if power pips count as another form of pip. the new pip is supposed to be school based.(so...
  19. Re: What ever happened to large decks in the higher levels?

    that was one of the first things I was taught in the game. Put in as few cards as possible for mob and minor boss fights. you usually fill up the deck in major cheating bosses like in Helephant tower...
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    Re: Novus Teaser / Azoth Code

    Khrsalis was mostly dealing with Avalon and Wizard city. also a lesser extent with Mooshu and a brief aspect of Zafaria. Marleybone is a civilized world where the inhabitants are explorers. Another...
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    Re: Got the Hart Of Darkness Mount

    congrats. Got one on both accounts. usually i reserve that mount for either a death or fire wizard.
  22. Re: "Spooky Sounds Music Scroll is for Halloween only"

    I love Halloween. But i will pass on this. as a few others said. It's way overpriced as it should be 100-250 crowns. hopefully it will be in drops or at least craftable.
  23. Re: New "Merle Ambrose Vinyl Figure!" - $29.99

    i will get it.
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    Re: Trick or Treat

    I wish . but if you take a look at the link of page 12 and 13 of that Trick or Treat thread. people reported for the 2014 run there were some unpleasant experiences where people doing the gifting had...
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    don't remember it. I do remember there was an...

    don't remember it. I do remember there was an organization around the master tower in Raven woods to help lower levels beat the Halloween master tower. And this was about the same time as this.
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