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This group seeks to combine roleplay with a lore-friendly backstory and in-game activities. This means we want to eventually PVP, farm, etc. but do it with an RP twist to it. All are welcome! Just read up on the basic RP backstory and rules in the forum.

Basic gist of it: The Order of the Tangled Thorns is a secret society for high achieving Wizards across the Spiral who band together to gain influence, power, and self-improvement. They are ruthless, sometimes to an illegal degree, and have been forced to rebuild after Headmaster Ambrose and Professor Cyrus Drake ousted many members in the Ravenwood branch for many illegal offences. The mysterious founder begun a rebuilding, placing a new student in charge of Ravenwood and asking for alumni to assistance.

Activities involve roleplaying, farming/questing, PVP in the context of RP, training, social gatherings, and even clan wars! New members who show dedication to the Order can take up leadership roles, as this is brand new.

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