Rules and How to Apply

  1. Komeko
    1) No God-modding. This really falls under the obvious category of "be respectful". It is understandable that in a roleplay setting it may be communicated that a character is a sore loser, or perhaps they are very stubborn, but in general the limitations of a character should be kept to the character. In terms of fights where one will win and lose, it's usually quite obvious who is the winner at the outset. Play with it, focus on characterization and how they feel winning or losing, and move on. Maybe fight in a trial of wits and words, or perhaps make it a public contest of their peers. Just don't be a jerk, and don't be a pain to RP with.

    2) Be nice to each other. Seriously. The lore and RP are one thing, but be nice to your fellow player, help them out, don't expect lower level ones to seriously get you through Waterworks over and over again.

    3) Check in with me before you make a big impact on the plot-line, such as starting something with another clan or seriously challenging a leader. This is all fine in principle, but there is a time and place for it. For example, should your character wish to challenge Azula's leadership, I'll probably try to see if it's a good idea/implementation, and then we can work out the possibilities of failure, success, and how it'd work. Similarly with clans, I'd welcome a clan war or two, but I also need to talk to their people about how we'd arbitrate it, should it even matter how it's arbitrated, etc. This also means stick to the main plotline. I think it's awesome to have sideplots, but if they will interact with the main plot just let me know what the plan is so we can work it out.

    To join, fill out an application with the following AND PM it to me, or post in the thread on the main forum:

    Name of character:
    Wizard name:
    Age of character:
    Level of character:
    School of magic:
    World where you come from:
    Backstory (how did you get here):
    Strengths/Weaknesses (both personality and combat):
    Focus (PvP, PvE, organization, etc.):
    What is the motto of the Order?:

    Feel free to post after you are a member with fun fanfiction to spice up our lore, and in the future we'll have events lined up.
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