Meet Ups

  1. myerstl
    If you want to hang with other EverClickers in the Spiral, this is the place to set that up. Post the details of where and when, including Time Zone, location in the Spiral, and Realm.
  2. funkz
    I am generally on evenings, M-F, ET, some weekends. Am presently questing in Karamelle.
  3. myerstl
    Also on most evenings after putting my girls to bed, 8:30 - 10:00 ish ET. Have wizards literally everywhere as I periodically start new ones.
  4. myerstl
    Will be playing wiz most of the night tonight. Send me a pm if you want to meet up.
  5. myerstl
    Will be playing Wiz Friday evening if anyone wishes to join me. PM me if you want to meet up.
  6. myerstl
    Kids are at Grandma's, so mom will be playing Wiz throughout the day today and tomorrow. Would love company if anyone wishes to join me! PM me, and I will hop to wherever you are.
  7. myerstl
    Meet up tonight, 5-7-2021, 9pm EST, at the carousel in the Fairgrounds, Torrence realm. We will do it again tomorrow night, 5-8-2021, 9pm EST for anyone who can't make tonight. Come by and let's all get friended up!
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