Welcome! (repost)

  1. thefriendshipmasters
    You’ve probably seen us around in The Commons or on various quests around Wizard City and, more recently, other worlds, but you’d probably recognize us as those two weird girls who shower random strangers with compliments. Our names are Megan Roseriver and Maria Moondust, but we’re more commonly known as The Friendship Masters. Our goal as The Friendship Masters is to make sure that everyone in the wizarding community feels valued and accepted. As a member of The Friendship Friends, you too can do your part to make Wizard 101 a better place. If you see us around, don’t be afraid to say hi and join us in our quest to make new friends!
  2. Adrian18058
    Hi there Megan and Maria! I haven't seen you per se in anywhere. But I do need some help. If you don't mind.
    I don't wan to force this on you or anything. If you don't want to, it's ok. So, do you guys have 1,500 crowns? I just want to open up colossal and the caves, that's all I'm asking. I just started the game and I was shocked when I saw the paywall. As soon as I get my parents to fix up a credit card I'll return the crowns to you.
    Once again, it's ok to say no.
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