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Officially Summer!

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Even though I got out of school on May 24th, it's now officially summer for me.
The past two weeks were quite hectic in terms of preparing for a big camping trip [really fun!] and for the ACT test [super fun too :p].

It was a nice surprise to see that I won the pet-a-palooza "Design a pet" contest. Wizard101 will definitely be a part of my summer this year. A special shout out to my friend Mike: Thank you and you know what I'm talking about :d

My wizard managed to make it to level 65 today, very proud of her. Thank you Emily for being my questing partner. Thank you to all my friends for the help along the way, and I hope you continue to support me until level 80 as well.

Last but not least, a picture of my friends [Evan and Mike] and I on the hydra mount. It's a pretty neat addition to Wizard101.


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