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[CENTER][COLOR=black]Howdy y'all :D So I know my last blog post was about the Celestian Observatory but this one is just crafting in general. So I kinda wanted to share what I am crafting and on which wizard :D It seems silly but you, the reader, can read it and be like "Hey I crafted that/am crafting that and you can give some pointers or be like "I am crafting that too." Mainly its because I want too o:[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9932cc]Crafting quest from Marlybone to Zafaria[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9932cc]Catalan Spell when he gets there.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]Handsome Fomori[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]Celestian Observatory[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]Thats about it really o: So yeah. I kinda put the spells on the back burner as I get all the reagents first. Amber will be the last to get since its the hardest but I am farming for WTL atm so I will have a stock pile by then ^^ So with me luck in my crafting endevours.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1][/COLOR] [/CENTER]

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