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Latest Display of Insanity :DDD

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[CENTER]So today I was farming Jotun with my storm and ice for the Lifebat on my storm so he could improve it. So I killed Jotun and my ice, my main who has all my pets, got a Red Cap. :D yay!
So I went to my house dedicated to crowns and hybrids and put it with all my other crowns pets. To my utter horror it says "You cannot place anymore of that item."
I started freaking out and almost hyperventialted on the inside. But then I was like "Imma craft the Celestian Observatory for my crowns pets :D"
So thats my project XD I still need to craft the Lamps and Chalice and get the 24 Aether for the Sconces. So wish me luck as I try to craft a house for my pets :D
Currently: Farming for gold to buy more reagents and listening to The One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song!
Me llamo Mike >:D[/CENTER]

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