Think What You Like

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Think what you like about me, my friends, whoever, but it proves what kind of person you are. It's simple psychology, really. You guys don't want me to explain the science of psychology, probably, so in short you only insult others and put them below yourself because you're insecure and you want acceptance. Say I'm nave, immature, that I don't know what the real world is like... Go ahead. In fact, post my name too. I know that I'm mature, have experienced more of the "real" world than a good chunk of the members have experienced in their life, I'm intelligent enough to know you're wrong and know that you're trying to elevate yourself.

Hope this inspires anyone who feels like they're being picked on or gossiped about because guys, you know their wrong. ;) About you and everything.

~ Jas
(Tomorrow is the last day of school. Woo! Blog post tomorrow too.)

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