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I'm in stress

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My teeth ache from my braces and I cant eat like anything, my gums hurt from that poking wire. I havent been in school for 2 days and I missed allot of things that are due and I might get a bad grade and i'm trying real hard to keep them good. I have 3 more weeks left of school so that means I get only a few days with my laptop before I have to return it to the school witch means I cant finish the tech-steps (thing I have to do in my computer thats complicated) and I have 3 of them to do and there graded. Oh and another thing that makes everything more terrible I have these things I dont know what they are called but there in the back of my top teeth and they just fix my bite and that means my back teeth cannot bite anything and I keep on almost choking on all my food and I cant eat big foods like I use to.

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