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I hate this

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I got my bottom braces today, yay me (sarcastic). They feel weird but only for a while. I have another thing that bugs me that is in me mouth, these things stuck in my back teeth for disabling me from chiping off my braces and to correct the way i'm suppose to bite. I have a deep overbite so ya and I cant chew with this I can only chew with my front tooth, in no way I dont think I could get use to this. I almost chocked on my food many times because I couldnt chew. My back teeth dont touch so I have a really hard time to eat. I hate braces.

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  1. ~Justin~'s Avatar
    I got my bottom braces on yesterday so they really hurt right now.

    Anyways all the braces and stuff will pay off when they get taken off!
  2. XxxDestinyxxX's Avatar
    @~Justin~ Beauty is pain.. lol