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OK so this week I have been hatching out the Hollow Knight. I have been farming on and off several thousand times a day :). I don't know how my friend Rowan does it, because I have 10 people and she has like 10x that (not to mention that she's hatching for talent manifestation (which takes a lot longer)). A lot has happened since I last updated my blog, and I honestly don't feel like recounting it all, but i'm going to do it anyway (:P).
Avalon In Test
Avalon In Live
Kirin's Hoard (Nightmare Pack all over again)
Ninja's Lore Pack
New house in test ( :) )

Those are the events relative to the public, but I have some events of my own. I got the Blood Raven out of the Raven's hoard after SO many attempts, I got the tag game out of a random gifted emperor's attic (THANK YOU CASSIE), I got the White Stag (THANK YOU KIND PARENTS FOR LETTING ME BUY CROWNS), the Alphyn (THANK YOU ALEX), an SPUD pet (Alert Hound, THANK YOU ROWAN), A Gnome and all of its hybrids (THANK YOU KIND CENTRAL PEOPLE), I finished Avalon (AGAIN THANK YOU ROWAN (AND MY FRIENDS)), Got a Naginata out of the Ninja's Lore (THANK YOU NERDS, and [U][B]YES HE DOES GIFT IN EXCHANGE FOR HATCHES[/B][/U]), got the Hollow Knight and Redcap pets (FOR A THIRD TIME THANK YOU ROWAN AND ALSO THANK YOU CASSIE), and that's all I can recollect, aside from me getting the scavenger hunt game (THANK YOU ALEX AGAIN). School is totally done for the summer for me, and all A's and B's on Finals :).

Well that's it, see you on the flip side and remember, "Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat".

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