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Leveling Balance and Stuff.

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Well Last time I got on wizard101 I leveled my Balance a level and a half. He got to level 12 and a half and I went and did the spell for Balanceblade. In the future I think I will train Death to Wraith and get a Death Mastery amulet of him just because Balance does not really have much of an option for Training Points because they dont have much of a weak point. I am thinking of training Fire to Elf as well as a way to remove shields. I need Suggestions.

Edit: I am SO exited for the new spells and pets that were added. Time to start getting some seeds to plant for reagents.

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  1. Nesogra's Avatar
    Basic pve setup-death to feint, ice to tower., sun damage enchantments. You need tower shield and the ice dual shield to deal with balance bosses later on.