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Into the Cosmos

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So I woke up today saying to myself "why not take over the world today". Ok ok no not really, but i was getting on my computer to look at some updates on wiz101 central. So then i decided to check Miltons blog, i mean who doesn't right? So i clicked on best blogs since i know that miltons blog is awsome (and because it hd been there for a long time). Then I found another blog had been added. I clicked on the link and i was trasported into the gap between dimentions where the great slug eats unexspecting rocks. The slug was soooooo massive it hardly would fit on the tip of my pinky finger.
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We are also know as:


Also known as evil. (spongebob)

Ok back to reality. The slug then talked to me saying "TAKE ME TO YOU LITER." At that very moment I was transport past the screaming Video game meadows, past the toaster, and finally landed in the Garden of Heavenly Donkeys of area 51.
Ok ok ok what really happened after i clicked on the link was i found out it was some guy's blog named Into The Cosmos. I liked the name until i saw the username, cosmo23 ugh that is sooooo 2009. Then i looked closer at the username and suddenly.................. i realized i accidently left my DS in the freezer.

HAHAHA Wow that was awful. Thanks everyone for checking up on my blog and i guess liking it too, and for putting me on the best blogs list.

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  1. clevermaddie's Avatar
    um ok you must uv gotten very bored! lol bye the way this might be random, but...... do you know how to find people on hear from the game? all i know is that he is in wizard101central but that is all
  2. Cosmos's Avatar
    Yes, yes i was and still am (tries to touch nose with touge).
  3. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    lol, you were just basicly talking about yourself but nonetheless, you make me laughed! Nice job >.< (If that is what you are trying to do)
  4. Cosmos's Avatar
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who actually reads this blog.
  5. Wohwoh5's Avatar
    yw ............ ( the computer said that was to short so ) .......