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Not much longer till school is out...

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I have less than a month until school ends. However I don't exactly want it to end because I will have to leave my dog for 2 months.

However this is a site about Wizard101 not my IRL so what am I doing in wizard101 this summer? Well first off I am going to buy all the areas in wizard101 and finally hit the ever-changing level cap with 2 wizards. My currently level 57 death and my level 36 myth and possibly get my Balance (level 11) to magus.

Farming Waterworks when I am bored with Questing will be quite fun because I love farming in dungeons. I will try to get in waterworks...

WW gear for every school but life
Life and Myth Mastery Amulet (I may try to get others not sure yet)

Also on monday I farmed Alicane Awiftarrow and got the music scroll he drops which is the wizard101 main theme.


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  1. XxxDestinyxxX's Avatar
    You get to school in a different country? o:
  2. ~Sam~'s Avatar
    Yes I live overseas