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Fire Ninjas

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[FONT=Century Gothic]I was randomly wondering around the Shopping District in Wizard City a few hours ago or so and saw a big group of people formed in a circle in all red talking. So I walked up and said
"Hey why are you guys all in red?"
Well its because they were fire Ninjas!! How cool is that? I mean sure it sounds "kinda" noobish to some, but I think its cool.

I wanted to take a picture of them but they wouldn't really pay be any attention but one guy (Blaze Shadow Blade) was, he's the one who in fact told me they were fire Ninjas. So then some guy behind a brick fence thing between to buildings was like "hey bet you can't get back here" and Blaze and I of course were able to get back there (we rock lol) So when I got back to were the Fire Ninjas were, they were all gone T.T
Blaze told me they were fighting and were busy. So we talked and I told him about my account and blog on here. So anyways...why am I telling you this you ask? Well because I want to interview them!! I mean wouldn't that be cool? To me being a Fire Ninja would be bad I'm a Death Wizard so I won't be able in I bet T.T
oh well b/c DEATH RULES!! >.<

Ok, so Hopefully Blaze ShadowBlade will check out my profile and my blog and read Blaze if you read this tell me your you and we'll set up a time to take a picture with your Fire Ninjas and Interview them. It will probably take a while to do all of that but I will. Well its like 1:00 A.M where I am so I'm going to bed now. G'night!! [/FONT]

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  1. Muuziq's Avatar
    that is so cool. it would be cool though if other schools had stuff like that
    fire ninjas
    ice miners or something that would be cool
  2. Jen-jen's Avatar
    fire ninjas...interesting...kinda weird...why fire...

  3. Pyro4132's Avatar
    Fire ninjas...has a nice sound to it.
  4. The Blizz's Avatar
    Wow that happened to me to i saw that same group i went into the dye shop and i came out like 1 minute later and they were gone
  5. noobsrule321's Avatar
    Fire ninjas... Bet death would be something like death mafias or something.

    Your right death DOES rule!!!
  6. Muuziq's Avatar
    weshould come up with a thing for each school

    Fire Ninjas
    Storm Agents
    Myth Spies

    Come up with ones for schools that have the - symbol and be creative
  7. pookie234's Avatar
    myth thieves now theres an idea!
  8. Emma's Avatar
    My sister is a Fire and Death.She recently got to Marleybone!!! Her name is Tabitha FireWeaver. Life Healers would be awesome-- I'd be there!

    ~Emma MistBlossom
    Life and Storm
    Level 18
    I <3 my Storm Shark!!
    Life forever!!!!!