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Christmas over, New Year Coming!!!

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Well I hope everyone holiday season was a blast, but now it time for 2010 to show itself.

I can't wait to see all the new things coming to wizard101 in 2010, it all start with the release of the GRIZZLEHEIM HOUSES/HOUSE (no idea if there will be more then one released at the same time.)

So what would you all like to see come to wizard101 in 2010?

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  1. Lady Cat's Avatar
    Happy Holidays from the Cat's Family Lady Cat,Lord Cat,and Kitten Cat
  2. WickedSorceress4u's Avatar
    Happy HOLIDAYS to you too! I love your kitty's!
  3. brownie1112's Avatar
    ya' people know about specks?(spectrobes. has griden on my user as wallpaper)

    the person who was saying that was not me

    do you know of Pv.Z Plants vs. zombies it awsome i beat the whole game
  4. brownie1112's Avatar
    the one who said abcs the 112123 etc... and the no cheese was not me
  5. brownie1112's Avatar
    I like that kitty