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5 Day Weekend!

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Tomorrow, Friday, and Monday were supposed to be make up days for snow, but since we haven't had any snow days at all, we get the next 5 days off. Woohoo!

Watch me waste half of it playing XBox. I have a little TV I got to move in my room and it's all hooked up. :D I'm officially addicted to Infected and Demolition on MW3..As well as Mike Meyers on Black Ops. Always a good time.


I haven't been on very much lately. :[ Too much school work and soccer. BUUUUUT...I did have a good time hiding on the 4th. Autumn Ice found me in two minutes.. >_> I was excited about that spot too! Lol.

I finally got to level 64 a couple weeks ago. You're probably all like "O_O" since ZF has been out for a while, but I hate questing and I'm lazy. :DDDD

~Woooohhh...It's been a long time since I've posted here. I've got nothing to talk about. :]


  1. Dots's Avatar
    Our school did like, the opposite. o: we have 5 days at the end of the year for snow days [we've had 4 so far from that blizzard thing in October] and our superintendent decided to add school on our vacation days in case we get more snow days, which we haven't had. So we have these unnecessary days added on to both of our remaining vacations even though this has been a sad, snow-less winter. .-.
    Updated 2-16-12 at 3:51:51 PM by Dots
  2. Jas's Avatar
    Nice. I have break next week for ski week. I go back to school when I leave school on Friday on the 27th. Yay!
    Good luck leveling too!