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A very friendly week

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[INDENT]This week I've made 3 new very kind friends. Two I've been chatting and helping them out with Celestian dungeons, while the other I meet in DS questing. It made me very happy because most of the friends I used to play with, I haven't seen long on once this entire month. So, now I'm happy to have some friends to roam the spiral with.

I was helping 2 new friends and some other person with the final Celestian Dungeon 4-5 days ago (I have a bag memory. -.-) and I leveled up to 50! It took me by a surprise, not that one dungeon could do that, but that I actually leveled. See, one of the friends, Sydney, asked me if I leveled or not earlier in the dungeon. I thought she was wondering if I lvled up to 49, which I did right before entering, so I didn't give it much mind and told her "Nah, I lvled right before I came in. Way to noticed it late. xD". But, a few fights later I checked my character and noticed the big 5-0 next to my name. I was so surprised and happy that I was acting like a little kid on a sugar rush. It then turned into a joke between the two of us for a little while.

The other days of the weeks were pretty boring game play wise. I leveled up once more the same day from doing normal quests in DS, but other than that I haven't done much. Though I also made another cool friend my level a few days ago, so that made me happy. :]

The only super exciting thing I feel the need to mention is that today I tried to solo Malistaire's dungeon. Sadly, I died on my third fight and instead of going back in there to continue, I was lazy and decided to just log off. I know I'm going to bite myself in the butt tomorrow but, at the moment I'm happy to be just lurking around the site and not frustrating myself with worries of low health and pip cost. -ugh-

I also entered the Frabjous February Header Graphic Contest on the third. Here is my entry, and I'm super excited that people actually like it. xD I love everyone's entries, they're so pretty and I can't wait to see them as our header's! Good luck!![/INDENT]


[INDENT]I have about 3 other topics I want to write about, but they would make this post way to big for anyone to bother reading so I'll just wait and blog about them later.

Good night everyone. Sweet Dreams. Or good morning/afternoon depending on when you read this. lol[/INDENT]

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  1. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Making new friends is always a fun thing! Nice entry too