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This blog is dormant no longer!

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[INDENT]I've been wondering how to start this off, but I still have no clue after a month of thinking, so I'll just say stick with: Hello there yet again friends. :]

Okay, so I've tried to open up my blog again in the past many times, but then something happens with money, the computer decides 'Nope, can't play that game, it's no good for you.', or like it did in the end, practically just break on me...which lead to the end of my much wanted blog. -sigh- But, don't fret, over the Christmas break I finally got a new and improved computer all to myself! (Finally a desktop not a laptop) Ah, feels so good to not have to share or worry that somethings bound to happen to it. So now, after a year and a half (take a few months a think...), I'm finally able to play my favorite game long term without worries!

[INDENT]Edit: I know...editing after already posting. -wags finger- Bad Tara...
Well, after looking at previous blog posts, it looks like I haven't been able to play W101 properly for over/almost 2 years...a lot longer than I thought. o.e

Actually now it makes more since when I think about it.. First I when it started to go crazy I spent my time in the Story section, ie, the Elite authors thread. Then I left for a bit and when I came back I saw it was gone. T~T I tried to continue writing, but it was no fun so I only stayed to chat with friends and lurk around the site. After some convincing, I went to the RPing section and that's where I've been these past 8-9 months...

Huh...-strokes beard- Alrighty then! lol[/INDENT]

Okay, next topic. Yes, I've had a membership on W101 for a month but I haven't gotten myself to write this blog post yet. Why? I was afraid I'd post then something happens and I won't be able to blog, and I don't want people to be like "Hmph, yet again she said she's going to bring it back but never posts again. -tsk tsk-", with some laziness was sprinkled on top of that.


So, when I first got my membership, in 2 days flat I finished Wysteria, did many side quests for that extra XP, cleaned my cobwebbed attic/bank and sold all this useless stuff which gave me much needed cash, and last but not least, lvled her up from 45 to 48. ... Needless to say, I barely left my chair the days after Christmas. lol

This past month some of the things Tabitha has been doing:
-Researching anything gardening and pet related. (when I left the first time, gardening wasn't here, and pet stuff was just for looks. (see other 'I'm Back!' blog posts for more info)
-Questing...pretty much expected.
-Decorating her life house (had it for 2 years and I finally start decorating it -queen of laziness-)
-Roaming around familiar places in the spiral, taking in deep breaths of air. Plus random pursed of dance every now and then of course.

Sadly, reach lvl 50 and head to Celestia is not on that list because I can't get past that stupid Obsidian Chest quest. I have all of them but the one in DS, and those stupid Life mobs are shielding every chance they get against my poor Death wizard Tabitha! D= Hopefully she'll get my revenge soon.....

Well, I've pretty much run out of things to tell you guys so I'll go ahead and post this for the world to see. Look forward to more posts coming soon! (I promise this time. :] )

PS: I'm going to be experimenting with my blogs look for a while, so be prepared for many changes in the future.[/INDENT]

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  1. Astraes's Avatar
    I'd be glad to help, Tara! (: Just ask, k?
  2. TaraBeara's Avatar
    Sorry Sophie, but I've already completed that quest. I was finally able to go through it with only have 1 death shield in my way. lol

    Thanks though. :]
  3. Astraes's Avatar
    Oh yay!^^ Congrats.