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Buying Pets at the Bazaar vs Farming

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I am torn between the idea of farming pets vs buying them at the bazaar. Before the bazaar the only option to obtaining a rare pet drop was to farm the boss.

I spent 2 days battling Alicane SwiftArrow for the Sprite pet drop. I finally received the pet when I was just about ready to give up. I must have battled him about 75 times. Needless to say that can become a little monotonous. Now with the Bazaar, I can just refresh the pets and hopefully grab a sold sprite or other pet that someone has decided to get rid off. In my heart I feel this takes away from the true thrill of finishing the battle and seeing that little pet icon in the left hand corner of the screen. But it saves alot of time and frustration of battling the same boss over and over again.

One of my greatest moments in the game was beating Smogger and getting the Pixie Queen on my first try. When I display that pet I feel proud because I earned that pet. I do not get the same feeling when I display my Clockwork Golem Pet or others that I have bought.

So I guess I know the answer to my own question....