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My Random Funny Stuff

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Here's a collection of some funny stuff, that I don't think is enough for a thread in off-topic, so here goes.

[LIST][*]Try to say "Good eye, might" out loud and try not to sound Australian.[*]I think it's sad when you start a new page in a thread because you're all alone.[*]That awkward moment when you've been banned for a summer and when you get back almost everyone on your friend's list changed their name.[/LIST]

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  1. alygator1115's Avatar
    XD i tried the first one and guess what? my friends and i all got a good laugh outta that! :P
  2. quwayne's Avatar
    i can't do it
  3. tysonpinder123's Avatar
    MUahhaha This is funny to me
  4. llenos's Avatar
    how can i post my own blog sorry im new /:
  5. roldover's Avatar
    Wow, the first on is good!