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Fizzle Phobeia In Grizlehiem

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I went to Grizzlehiem today and battled the ravens with some friends. And o, after about half way through i fizzled, so i said to myself "no big deal". Then the next turn came around with the same result. Now im saying "calm down it happens". Then the next round with yet another fizzle. By that time i was telling myself "this is getting annoying, come on hit". And then came the next round with, yes another fizzle. By then i was frustrated and saying "how could that fizzle four times in a row?":32:

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  1. askmkl's Avatar
    dude i get ya! i am lfe and usually i dont fizzle but sure enough i just practically stood there fizzeled 5 times in a row
    i was no help