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Well I know most of the news that I am about to talk about is some what old, but I'm bored and wanna type. So lets get started...

[B][I]November 2nd.[/I][/B]
[B]:byebye:Hallowe'en has left the Spiral![/B]
All good things must come to an end, and Spooky Bob and his friends have left the Spiral, along with all the Hallowe'en decorations and visitors...until next year!
[B]November 3rd.[/B]
:bek150:[B]Veterans Day Gift from KingsIsle[/B]
In recognition of Veterans Day, KingsIsle Entertainment is giving thanks to all veterans, current military personnel and their families.
[URL=""][COLOR=#800080]Click Here[/COLOR][/URL] to learn more.

~ this is personal for me, both my uncle, and my cousin (his son) are part of the US Airforce. I have come to learn, and Love the counrty and the freedoms we have in ways that most people wouldn't.
So to KI from my family, " We would like to giving thanks to you for remembering, and Honoring all who have fought, and died for us.
[B][I]November 5th.[/I][/B]
[B][IMG][/IMG]Danger! Danger! Danger Hound![/B]

Start Date: Nov 9, 2009
End Date: Dec 18, 2009 at 12PM CT
If Wizard101 reaches 50,000 [URL=""][COLOR=#800080]Facebook[/COLOR][/URL] fans by Dec. 18th, all those who are Wizard101 Central members will be given a code for the Danger Hound pet.
To become a member of Wizard101 Central, go here: [URL=""][COLOR=#0066cc][/COLOR][/URL]
Once again, you MUST be a member of [URL=""][COLOR=#800080]Wizard101 Central[/COLOR][/URL] in order to receive the Danger Hound pet.

[B][I][U]Ok The Up & Coming Events[/U][/I][/B]

[B][I]November 13th[/I][/B]
Harvest Fest 2009
Fallon (aka.[URL=""][COLOR=#ff0000]KahlanAmnell[/COLOR][/URL])would like to invite everyone to our HarvestFest 2009 event. Come out to meet old friends, make new ones and give thanks for a wonderful year!
As for now there is nothing scheduled other than FRIENDS, FUN & THANKS!
TIME: from 7pm to 8pm
Location: [URL=""][COLOR=#66373c]7PM Central Standard Time - Nightside - Vampire Realm - Area 1[/COLOR][/URL]
City/Town: [B]Nightside, Wizard City[/B]
LINK TO PAGE FOUND HERE. [URL=""]Diaryofawizard-ConnectX[/URL]


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  1. megawizard33's Avatar
    i am new to this thing lol
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    this is really coool!
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    dude this is so awesome
  4. Lifeman101's Avatar
    i cant wait until they release the christmas stuff