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How to Finance Mega Snacks, Treasures and Hatches Without Crowns or Tedious Farming

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Hi guys!

Today I have decided to take advantage of my blog ownership in a unique way: going off-topic! Since you are becoming a bit of family by constantly reading about these adventures, I figure I would let you know: "How to Finance Mega Snacks, Treasure Cards and Hatching Without Crowns or Tedious Farming." Family, first and foremost, helps each other survive and making income is certainly a way of surviving. In the course of doing this, I'll also be introducing you to my five sisters, including a rare glimpse into a very secretive life sister.

To be a good PvP player, you need to fund a constant stream of treasure cards that are getting used and need to be replaced. You also need to fund a constant stream of hatches to improve the companion whom you have with you in arena. In addition, you need good snacks to keep that constant stream of hatched pets progressing along. These two things require hundreds of thousands of coins per week.

I used to take care of these things by spending crowns and tedious farming, but today I make hundreds of coins a week without either and, most importantly, without a legendary wizard. That is a good thing because I would not be a long-term player of this game without having discovered a way to do this. Do you feel like you are in a late night infomercial yet?

My secret is simple, I am first and foremost a gardener (as are my five sisters) and we run six well-tended prickly bear gardens.

Let me introduce you to my home. As far as homes are concerned, I love everything Marleybone:

And the most important part of it, my garden of prickly bears (notice that these bears grow with four likes - pixie, tropical gnomes, sand pile and krok insect tablet - all my gardens are growing with four likes as you'll see when I take you to meet the sisters):

My big sister, Laura Watersong, Level 33 Storm Warlord, in her life house garden:

Her pet storm elf, Mister Mia, is one of the best storm elves I've seen: pain-giver, gargantuan and spell-defying. If you know of a better storm elf, let us know!

Next is my other big sister, Laura Gold, Level 16 myth Warlord in her Royal Playhouse garden:

Then I have three little sisters: death, fire and life. Here's my sister, Laura Shade in her Emperor's castle. She also runs dragonflies in her garden like I do. It makes it easier for us to conserve energy to train our pets. The wildclaw she has with her Lady Tasha, is one of the few if not the only one well-hatched reshuffling wildclaw. She has spell-proof and spritely and is one of the important pets of the family. Since Laura Shade is a pet trainer, she runs those dragonflies - which we get trading the treasures we don't want or need - with people that have dragonflies. Notice also she has something extra in her garden, evil magma peas. Those evil magma peas occasionally will give you a Captain Cantaloupe mega snack, but their main purpose is to be a source of triton for our eldest storm sister, Laura Watersong.

Next is our next to youngest sister, Laura Waterbane who is the only gardener that uses pots because she lives in a Dragonspyre castle without soil. Gardening prickly bears in pots is quite easy so long as you have the space for it. If you notice, Laura Waterbane is the owner of an important family pet, Princess Lillie. She's an ancient burnzilla with spell-proof, spritely and health gift:

Next is our youngest and shiest sister. She's very shy! All that she will let me tell you about her is that she is life and owns a Krokotopia desert villa:

Each of these prickly bear gardens nets about 7,500k per day. About 15k on elder harvest days per garden. Every morning and evening the garden and pets are tended and trained. All the snacks harvested are placed in the shared bank. Whichever sister has training pet priority withdraws mega snacks and trains the pet. Whichever sister is hatching withdraws a bunch of snacks from the shared bank and sells them at the auction house for hatch or treasure card gold. We are also about to start selling prickly bear seeds because we're getting too many of them. The best part of this entire set-up? You get about a mega snack pack per day from these gardens or more. I've gotten over a dozen mega snacks in one day from the gardens.

You only need to level a gardener to level 15 so that you can get a castle you can comfortably garden in. Of course, you could try stopping at level 12 and gardening in the dorms but I found it too uncomfortable to do. You might like it. Leveling to 15 takes about a day and half following the main quest. You can do it in 1 day if you are an aficionado.

Either way, I hope that you learned something useful from this entry, and welcome to our family!

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  1. necromancer78's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this! I also need a lot of money, and now I know how to get it.
  2. merridian's Avatar
    This is essentially the strategy I take as well. Unfortunately I have yet to land a single krok insect tablet, and I need 7 . The only other major difference in my strategy is the addition of one or two couch potato on my higher level wizards that have more energy to spare. But, those cost crowns. Then again, so do evil magma peas (unless there is a drop for them). Also, I haven't tried the dragonflies, maybe I will. Usually I keep my one legendary wizard with the baconator set (I splurged big on that) only casting medium circles for gardening 3 couch potatoes and she has plenty energy left over to level one pet at a time.

    Nice blog. It's these kinds of posts that need a larger audience.
  3. Dachshund Princess's Avatar
    Excellent! I know where to get my pet snacks and gold from now on! (: Thank you!
  4. LUKA8282's Avatar
    Wow that is really amazing,thanks!!!!!
  5. Nesogra's Avatar
    I'm not noticing a single layout from your gardens. I think you can fit a few more bears in if you use the second layout from this pic:

    The first was better when area spells 'snapped' to the center of the one you where aiming at but now that you have to manually aim it the second it more reliable.
    Pic and more set ups in this thread :

    It is a MUST read for all gardeners.
  6. laurawatersong's Avatar
    Thanks a lot Neso! I will look into that.
  7. Eric Stormbringer's Avatar
    I think you should make this post into a guide. It has a lot of really good information and a guide will allow it to reach a larger audience. Simply put it in the general guides or fairgrounds and the mods will move it.
  8. SynysterG's Avatar
    Just wondering were do the pixies come from i noticed i had one one day, but after harvesting the elder plants it went away, and havent seen it since.
  9. laurawatersong's Avatar
    The pixies appear randomly and they will help your entire garden grow if only one plant has it because all the other plants will like the pixie and this means they will grow faster. There's nothing you can do that I know to make pixies appear. I heard rumors that pixies like stinkweed but most plants dislike stinkweed.