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Finally! :D

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Hello all!

Yesterday, I finally got my death wizard up to Warlord status. This achivement has made that wizard my very first Warlord! Since my subscription is ending on the 25th, I will be done pvping until next summer. I may do a couple group pvp matches, but as of now, I am closing up shop.

I have to say, Adebt level pvp is very fun. It is mildly challenging, but it is pretty easy to win if you know what you're doing. Once you hit Commander, be prepared to face some level 50-60 wizards. It's very rare to see any level 60 wizards as your opponent, but level 50-55 wizards are common to see as an opponent. Two of the best duels I have ever played were against level 48 and level 52 life wizards. They both had very high health and they healed very often. But, through an amazing combination of Poisons and Skeletal Pirates, I somehow managed to defeat them. Surprizingly, these matches only lasted for around 15-30 minutes. That is pretty fast considering that I'm a level 26.

In other news, Alex is now a level 48 and is soon to be a level 49. Storm Lord will be a very awesome addition to my MOB deck. Tempus will still be my basis attack for MOB battles.

That's it for this entry. Until next time, I will be stuck at level 50.

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