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Busy, Busy Week

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Hello all!

This past week has been very busy for me. I've started questing on my Life wizard again. He is just starting the District of the Stars. Speaing of questing, I have gotten my Myth wizard out of MooShu with the help of FuzzyWuzzy and Emilyloveslife! I love that world, but the farm animals started getting on my nerves lol. We finished MooShu at level 42. Here's a picture of us in Dragonspyre sporting our level 40+ and some 35+ clothes: (Thank you FuzzyWuzzy for the picture)


I can't wait for DragonSpyre, I've loved it since it's release. Thank you again to FuzzyWuzzy, Storyblood, and Emilyloves life.

Have a nice week everyone! :)

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  1. Blood Princess's Avatar
    Congrats. I would take a shower since well... the animals must have errr... smelled... hehe.
  2. Voltare's Avatar
    lol, they weren't too bad.