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It time to say good bye again!

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Well the time has come yet again, I will not be in game until the thanksgiving crown seller shows up, I know its sad again but with work finally picking up (LOL THE HIGH LIFE OF FRIED CHICKEN) I have to work even longer. I hope to find a new job soon, But I have to wait until I found that NEW one before I can up and leave.

So I will not be renewing my membership until [COLOR=#002bb8]Hannah Puritana[/COLOR] returns to the spiral.

I will of course be on wizard101 central, diaryofawizard. So if i find anything out about anything wizard101 you will know.

Well at this time Wizard City and now just my Home!!!

See you all in game sometime this November...

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  1. KahlanAmnell's Avatar
    Oh noes!! I'll miss seeing you in-game! But glad to see that you will be sticking around the communities. Thx to you I finally got my Secret Shopper badge. Yay!

    Bye Eddie!!

  2. honno's Avatar
    it's olmost november. time to renew
  3. White Tiger Knight's Avatar
    [quote=honno;bt1883]it's olmost november. time to renew[/quote]

    Well it's November 1st and like I said I have returned, but not until the 5th. So count it down, there is 5 day until my mighty return.
    :groovybanana: :groovybanana: