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Myth Leveling...

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Hello All!

I have gotten my myth to level 22! Here's a picture:

(Seen here with pet egg named Dexter)

She has gotten through the Pyramid of Fire and the first two areas of the Krokophinx. I have come to enjoy the school of Myth and love it's minions. Myth is a very fun school to solo on in that your attacks are pretty good and your minions help you tremedously. I made Emily in May of 09' and have just now decided to level her up. I also plan to train Dexter and keep him as a dueling pet along with Brandy (my fierce hound) on some occasions. I hope to have plenty more fun with the myth school. :)

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  1. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    I like how your egg matches your character lol. Have fun the rest of the way!
  2. Voltare's Avatar
    Yeah, I planned it that way.