NEVER Again!

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I just have to vent! Yesterday I went to Grizzleheim. I had the quest to kill Jotun, so I entered the dungeon, and just by chance another player was getting ready to go in and jumped in with me. I thought fine, because I knew I could use the help. My husband ported in to help me and the fighting began. Right away I lost the other guy. At one point he yelled "HELP!" and I found him in the next room and jumped in and fought with him, but then right away we were separated again. My husband and I fought our way thru the dungeon. We arrived, finally, at Jotun. The other guy was already there fighting and he had hired 3 henchmen so all the fighting spots were taken. A friend of his had ported in and was standing to the side. The friend tells me "just stay back and don't interfere." Well, first of all, interfere HOW EXACTLY? I can't do anything at this point that will effect him! And second of all, THIS IS MY DUNGEON! I told him this was crap and why was he even there and who the heck even DOES THIS? He said when he was done they would help me come back and fight Jotun. Um, NO THANKS! So, that was an hour of my life GONE! Sorry, that just really ticked me off!

In other news, my bronchitis is almost completely gone, so I'm feeling so much better! Oh, and the one good thing about yesterday, I dinged 40!

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  1. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    People sometimes... That's just... Ugh! That's so inconsiderate of him! Sorry 'bout that! D=

    On the other hand, congrats on 40! Feel better! (=
  2. IndgoMom's Avatar
    TY dear! It was a crappy lesson learned! I will be a lot more careful in the future, that's for sure!

    I'm progressing along nicely in Mooshu, and I really like the quests there! I'm having a fun time, and now I'm nearly 41. I also started leveling my first pet yesterday, which I'm finding is a lot of fun also! I'm using the pet egg right now...he's so funny! I think today I'll work on one of my piggles!
  3. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Wow.. three henchmen?... That is just wow, never have this happened before. I wish you luck in the future though! Same goes with pet leveling, dont ever find it fun to level lol.