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What's a Magus doing here?

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Last night a friend asked for help with the Gobbler King so I ported over to Colossus. After wards he took off and I decided to stick around to finish off a few gobblers and get the first badge since I only needed 3 more. I actually enjoyed the change of pace from Marleybone and after the Gobbler badge went after some undead in the cave to work on that badge.

While playing alongside another wizard he asksed me what is a Magus doing here!? We struck up a conversation and worked together for about 15 minutes and I found out he also has another wizard closer in level to Elizabeth also a fire. He recommened a different wand for me (which I immediately ran to the Bazaar to buy, thanks for the tip!) and switched to play his other wizard so we could friend them both.

This is my first experience with a MMO and I have found it a lot of fun and socially intriguing. The fact that you can meet up with strangers who hold a common interest and forge a friendship, even if it is two dimensional, is pretty cool. Now granted there have been a fair share of punks along the way too but all in all I have encountered many more mature (regardless of age) good sports than I expected. Thanks to all of you out there who have patiently helped my wizards out of tough spots and lent me some much needed advice. I hope to pay it forward every chance I get.