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Duck tape

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As most of you know ducktape is tape and not a duck. so with that being said you know its tape. ducktape is awesome, ducktape is fun, you can make almost anything with it. including wallets,ipod cases, purses, phone cases, shoes, roses, and even a whip. who likes duck tape? if you like duck tape leave a comment on why and if you make stuff what you make.
[SIZE=6]this is completely stupid no point what so ever.[/SIZE]

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  1. msbrown's Avatar
    actually, the name is "duct" tape. It is used to seal the seams and joints of Heating and Air Conditioning ducts (those grey metal tubes and boxes above the ceiling).

    it makes a good emergency bandage: the adhesive is strong and will stick well even in a moist or wet enviroment, the tape has embedded fiber threads that makes it very strong, and it is pretty water resistant, so it doesn't leak through.