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Blog is back!

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[INDENT]So it's been about half a year hasn't it? Glad to be able to blog again! :]

Why haven't I been posting? Well it's all simple really, my computer was mad at me and wouldn't let me play Wizard101 so I had noting to write about. Yes it stunk, but I never left the fansite so I know most of the updates that have happened while I wasn't logging on W101.

But I took it to some computer place a few days back because it had some virus on it and it was messing with the internet and I asked them to just fix every problem on the computer. Yes it did cost a pretty penny but now my computer is (almost) good as new! And when I got it back I was very happy to find out I'm able to play again, so I asked Olivia to bring my blog back cause I had it before the 10 year lease on it.

Now I have [I]sooo[/I] much to catch up on, I mean I need to see 2 new worlds, numerous mounts and new pets, the pet derby & training system, new houses, new schools and new spells much to even list! How am I going to catch up on all this? Well, I'm going to blog about it of course! So please stay tuned about the upcoming blog posts.

PS: I'm in need of a new look for the blog, ideas?[/INDENT]

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  1. God's Grace's Avatar
    OMG! Long time! You might have known me as metrostation707, lol. Now I changed my name. (:
    I never deleted you on my friend list, I never do that because I think "What if they come back?"
    Welcome back! Glad to see you! :D have fun! :D
  2. TaraBeara's Avatar
    Lol yeah xD
    And like I said, I've never left Central, I just found the Creativity Central Forum part haha. (Mainly the Role Playing) I've spent most of my time there, and checking in on the updates now and again.