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Hmm the lame things you see in pvp

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So I'm pvping my balance girl( am much determined to get to commander again :P ) and I met this kid and his beha vior makes me think he is a kid but idk any more for some reason these people on line in the arena think the gear is everything and are willing to lie to get it, etc.

But he starts off beggin me to flee, which cracks me up, then he says he has cancer and he is dying and he really wants to get the arnea gear before he dies( i think this is pitiful but keep quiet) and then he finally starts saying he is a little kid and then he is a high schooler and just keeps beggin me to flee but anyway long story short, i beat him, and he gets so mad and reports me.

Well that was random but i thought you guys would want the laugh i have had tonight as well xD its so dang funny

LesshaLightblood :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleventhhour
    As to his age, well, immaturity knows no bounds.
    I highly doubt that's his exact age, since he pulled the "I'm dying! Let me win!" joke first. However, I did remove the number just in case it was his real age.