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What's up with the annoying sand!

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Hi guys, this is my first blog, so be easy on me.

Anyway, after finally becoming a Magus at level thirty, I felt halfway done with the game. With level sixty. Get it. Thirty half of sixty. Sense I only have 435 crowns, and only brought Hyde Park, Regent Square, Wolfminster Abbey, Royal Museum, and Diggmore Station, I don't have any way to do the main storylines for Marleybone.
I didn't defeat Krokopatra or go to Karahann(I will newver spell it right)Palace, Tomb of Begilar(even though you don't need to go there), and Temple of Storms. I've prayed that I can get a subscription for Christmas, to finish the game.

I had a choice to finish Krokotopia, or go to Marleybone. I guess I got annoyed by Krokotopia. But if you had a chance to finish a world, or go to a whole new world, what would you choose.Hopefully this time I will get mty first sub, and finish the game. Hopefully. I have good and bad karma. I really want to go to Mooshu. I have had two dreams of it. So if I get a sub I can. I mean I have allot of time. I Mooshu and Marleybone are the two places I want to visit. I don't know why but I don't care about DS or CL. GH is not that good friends with me anyway. But I will do those three places anyway. I mean with the sub I can go to all three of those places. I kinda feel like crowns are useless. I mean you have to pay so much. Even if my sub expires, when I go around I will have proof that I have experienced the awesomeness, or epicness, whichever you prefer(I feel like I just did a commercial, promoting KingsIsle).
Anyway my battles have improved as my level too.

So I was fighting in Hyde Park, against some Sammy person.
I really needed healing. I can't believe I need healing when I'm an Ice Wizard and has Life as my training point. When I thought Ice Armor had saved me, it was really Spirit Armor that saved me. Then I easily regretted my praise to Spirit Armor when I say hello to Regents Square. So James Skyhunter, my guy, drinks his handy dandy healing potion and appears in Hyde Park again, marking his spot.
James says: Sammy your goin' down.
Well sense he's a cat maybe he'll just spit a hairball. I wonder if he gets mad, when storm wizards cast tempest on him. I would love to see that.
Then when I've almost beat his servant, James does somehing stupid and cast a pixie. James finished the servant. "It's just you and me Sammy."
Bosses make me uncomfortable. I insult them if I can. It's not like they have a heart.

Remember when James cast that pixie for no reason? Well that pixie would of came in handy now. Sammy will not win.
So I cast my Satyr, earning 890 health, finally having 1002\1800. James cast the tower shield, man sometimes he has an elf brain.
Then he cast the legend shield. Right when James feels a little doomed Jeremy DuskBringer comes to his aid and appears out of nowhere.
James cast his never-ending blizzard, which fizzles. Jeremy gives James a shield.
James cast seraph and Jeremy and him go "YAY."
To Officer Darby.

So then I realize I am running out of quest. James checks his quest. Defeat the taskmaster in KB(Karahann Barracks).
James goes into the chamber.

"Why do I feel scared?" I am scared when I see five kroks. I think about turning back. It was probably a game mistake. I felt like I had to kiss Krokopatra, okay I'm giving , myself a chill. Lipstick does not look her.
So I charge at the taskmaster saying: "THIS IS SPARTA"....While pursuing my faith I win a, piece of lightning shock, a storm elf, some storm shields in the butt, and a free trip to the Oasis. "NO THE SAND..IT BURNS MY EYES."
The Egyptian music. I want to be in the town with Meowarity. I want to fight the Jade Oni...and traverse the Village of Sorrow, Jade Palace, Crimson Fields(I feel like I know the Mooshu places best, even though I've never been there), and the Tree of Life. Not stuck with some overgrown lizards with(that was scary I it took several tries to spell with), the only companion: the sand.
But the new music in the Well of Spirits was nice!:)

I try the taskmaster again with a friend and win. I claim my prize. Then I--I--"YES I'M A MAGUS!"
Ambrose calls me. I don't know why I traveled all the way to Wizard City to talk to that hag. My spirits were really let down when he said:"Keep searching! We must know all we can about Malistere's plans."
SO I say to the guy.
"Um I traveled here to talk you and you say:"Keep searching! We must know all we can about Malistere's plans!"
He looks at me and strokes his beard.
So to celebrate I head to the bazaar, and sell all my Novice-Journeyman(maybe Adept) things and earn 30,000 gold.

With the gold I leave in Magus clothes. Finally I have 2063 health. Sense I am in the 2000s and am a Magus I feel pretty grand. James stopped wearing the Krokotopia Explorer Badge, which made people think he never went to Marleybone, and started to wear the Magus Thaumaturge Badge, which made people think he had been to Marleybone and maybe even Mooshu.
I went to Marleybone my friend or marked spot. I previewed the two Manors.
I got the one with the least amount of money.
My first castle! In Marleybone!

I moved my things, and pets, in.
For my last celebration gift, I brought a Horned Sweeper and zoomed around showing my stats. You might say it was bragging but, I was just informing.
I really only was in the Oasis.
So when I was in the Spiral Door, Wizard City.
I decided a prank was needed.
So when anyone came in Bartleby's roots, I would circle the Spiral Door, and come out from behind and say. "THE GHOST OF MALISTERE."

So then I stopped in Regent Square for shopping. I was playing with my friend. Tag on our mounts. Then this creepy wizard came up to me and told me to go away. I didn't want to get in trouble so I backed up on my horned sweeper. My friend didn't do anything: probably to scared. The guy told James to hurry up. I backed up all the way near the Intimate Crafter. The guy came up to me and said hurry up. I ran from him but he followed. Soon he lost where I was. You're probably thinking I have a crazy wizard. Or you're probably thinking I've overused the word probably.

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